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  1. Thanks heaps for replying! Just a few follow on questions then... What would the next weapons worth going for be? Was looking at Shadow Glaive, or maybe Decimation if i can be bothered saving that much. As for mage I wouldn't have a clue. And is there another step after drygores that won't blow my bank? As for armors... Am I better off getting anima core sets rather than nex armor sets? Does the prayer and hp bonuses from nex armors make it worth the extra coin? Should be getting def cape this weekend with my 99 slayer! But will look more into rings and augmenting as I never even thought of upgrading down that path. I have my armor and weapons augmented but purely to level invention. Are you talking about adding perks and what not? If so is there a decent guide out giving me a run down of my options? Thanks so much for the advice already, I appreciate it a lot!
  2. Hey, not a regular on these forums so apologies if this question is frequently answered. I was wondering what would be the best items/skills to spend gp on next. I have overloads and ss and currently going for 95 prayer for turmoil. I also have bandos with drygores, Arma with zaryte and subjugation with polypore. I do lots of slayer and have started bossing more (qbd, vindicta, gwd1) Still learning with the boss mechanics but I would be interested in other bosses around this level of difficulty. The skills/items I was considering were: torva, 96 sum, tier 90 range or mage weapons or armour? What are the thoughts on the order I should be getting things? Are there things I haven't listed I should be considering? Are there better bosses I should try? Thanks in advance.
  3. I had the same. Hadn't played in a year or so and went to log in a few weeks ago and I had been banned for apparently botting. The time period they believed I was botting I wasn't even playing rs. So I went through the appeal process and had my account back in like a week.
  4. Thanks for the advice! Maybe priority was the wrong word. A list of useful quests that I should do do/should have done would be nice, but any information regarding what quests to do would be great.
  5. Hello all, I've recently started playing again and have decided it's about time I got into some serious questing. A few semi-decent quests that I have actually done: Desert Treasure, RFD, Underground Pass, The void stares back, The troll quests, The gnome quests. Those are more important ones I can remember off the top of my head. My question is, could someone please suggest a list of quests that I should work towards? If you're not sure if I've done a quest, just list it anyway please. I realise I should work towards completing all quests, but a priority list would be nice. Thanks in advance.
  6. CMaul for crush and Godsword for slash, apart from switching for healing. 2H deal better damage. Assuming you're using your abilities and not just momentum.
  7. Duo Bandos is real easy I found. I just started doing it with a mate. We may no be the fastest but we can stay there for a few hours getting decent money. We just wear full barrows melee armour (Guthans nice for heals, Veracs nice for prayer bonus). We've tried using guthan's spear, BGS, CMaul they all work fine. Just get one person to tank and pray melee, the other to do damage pray protect range/piety depending on how confident you are. Both the tank and other guy just switch to a sword and shield for heals and pray at the alter when you can and we use very little food and ppots. We both have levels around yours if not worse. Good luck! :)
  8. Would would a decent setup be if I don't have access to ovl or soulsplit? I do have the elite void, CMaul and will be able to get a CCbow for it if I have to.
  9. Are Aviansie's any good for a mix of xp and average profit? Or is it still better off at waterfiends for the crazy crimson charm drop rates?
  10. Thanks guys, i'll give all these solutions a go.
  11. It's not exactly 6 hours, that's a rough estimate. And it's not just a log out, the entire client closes. Is it normal for the game to log you out though?
  12. Yeah I'v found having three thresholds, one ulti for laughs and all the rest basics real effective. I spam to get my bar to just under 3/4 then alternate between a threshold and a basic ability, letting an AA slip in every now and then.
  13. Same thing happens to me. I have the latest version of Java, run it through the dl client on a win7. It seemingly closes at random and when I load the client again I have no trouble. This happens about every 6 or so hours of game time.
  14. No. CLS/CLS and CLS/EE have higher attack stats but slower speed. When you follow the math through properly the above being 'fast' (EE in 2nd case is slowed by the cls) results in lower DPS than vine whip/ee that have slightly lower attack stats but run at fastest. They are close enough in attack power that the added speed means their DPS comes out slightly better. I'v found attack speeds matter a lot less if you're constantly using your ability's, which is what I tend to do. So cls is still better then. It's only when you run on momentum that attack speeds make a huge difference.
  15. Before EoC granite was the fastest for my level I believe. With the option to fast drop all ores except granite with the skill tab, is there a faster method?
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