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  1. Will go from 79-88 herblore and also 83-85 farming. If I have any more time left, I might get a few summoning levels
  2. 8k irits and 4k kwuarms in bank......thats a lot of herb xp then lol (need to make 12k unf pots though...) Also got a lot of charms - 1.1x xp is good enough Will also do a full tree run and circus
  3. This weekend I got 75-78 Farm 74-77 Herb (10k off 78) 80-82 Agil (should get 83 before tomorrow) 80-83 Summon (at 1.1x) Played about 11 hours, about 2mil xp
  4. Im guessing that Lumby diary will be hard rather than elite
  5. Looking forward to the elite diaries, probably wont be able to do most of them...like 95 pray A new quest..Nice Z-buffering...not bad
  6. As I cant do Summoning or Herblore (cant buy anything), I'll be doing - Circus (which is at the Sawmill) - Farming trees (5 magics, 5 palms, 1 calquat, about 300-400k xp in 5 mins lol) - Agility - Slayer - Maybe some magic to get it closer to 99
  7. Final chapter, has the author if you didnt already know it
  8. last main clue but 1 more chapter tomorrow
  9. Some of the images in the grid have been moved again, lol
  10. Confirm plx. ._. This is 100% correct, just done it :razz:
  11. No bonus tokens for Dungeoneering during bonus xp weekend Quick find code: 234-235-655-61561335
  12. You do not get bonus tokens Quick find code: 234-235-655-61561335
  13. Thanks. This will be very useful :smile:
  14. One simple question - Do the effects of Piety stack with the effects of potions (super attack, super strength etc)? I'm doing slayer at the moment so it would be useful if they stacked.
  15. Jabawoki13


    Hi Im thinking of getting 99 magic from 94 (about 5mil xp) Ive thought about hi alching, plank make and string jewellery - are any of these good or is there any better methods? Also, how much would each method cost? I get 20k xp from circus each week so that makes it a bit easier lol. Thanks
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