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  1. not even close, yes we pulled 26/32 witch is fairly good but we had pulled 28/31~ before and 26+ multiple time
  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. good fight TT only made the first round looks like monkeyblazer was mad that he got k0ed
  4. thanks for the fight, was actualty very very fun
  5. good job t0 :thumbup: everyone tanked thanks for the fight dw, is always a pleasure to fight with you guys <3: dw did a great job on getting a 3 man lead on us in the 2nd round despite being outlevel
  6. amazing pull CE, good try DG<3 Hi 7sem <3:
  7. i respect envy, but from what i have seem and heard downfall put up hell of a fight being soo much outnumber, Downfall didn't even pull 40 and watching the video they got you down to over 33 ppl out of ur 50 pull, soo in my opinion downfall outperformed by miles and soo it seems both clans decided to keep fighting and envy decided to end leaving downfall as last clan standing soo i guess downfall won this. despited that, amazing opts envy and good job downfall on keeping up with then being outnumber
  8. gj today, in my opinion t0 could have performed alot better but we till pull throught we amazing tanks
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