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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. You have an X for a face... interesting.

  4. Have a great birthday!

  5. Incorrect in several ways. The company was created by gamers, and many members of the staff play the game - also on regular accounts for fun. This is nothing more than an agreement that can be opted out of at any given time, it is not a legally binding contract that has sold our souls to a company. I suggest that you read the whole topic so that you get a better understanding of what this is really about. :) It is a legally binding contract for 1 year i believe that will be renewed. and u are disagreeing with me that jagex don't like games. they are threatened by other games and they are under the impression that we players only like runescape and not any other games. i disagree! i play about 20 games regularly and runescape is one of them. this is because i am a gamer. jagex fail to see this. they are controlling tipit like a government can control the press. when i said jagex owns it i didnt mean they own the domain name or the hosting. of course not! jagex dont want to trouble themselves with annoying stuff like that. they just want the advertising revenue, control of information with the ease of shooting an email, and they want to spread animosity in the gaming community. i worked at Lego where we were working on the new lego mmorpg and we played CoD every day and even other games. because we love games. and we'd be happy to talk about games because we're gamers. jagex gives the impression that they feel their game can only succeed using under-handed cheap dirty tricks like censorship rather than a good product. jagex litereally forced tip.it into this so i cant blame tip.it for succumbing to the pressure. it shocked me when jagex put Tip.it in their "gold" section of recognized fansites. Any sane person can know that tip.it should be in platinum level. but i know why they put tip.it in gold and not platinum. they wanted to force tip.it to sign this advertising deal. now watch, in couple days they will move tip.it to platinum. the recognized fansite list is their way to force fansites to fall under their direct control.
  6. Jagex are not gamers and don't share the love of games like we do. It is a sad day for tip.it because now jagex owns it.
  7. Meet at party room in Falador. 3:10pm EST, 23 January 2010 (Saturday) World 29 (Free) Anybody can come. You have to dress up like a guard (pictured below) Experience: You will experience the biggest RuneScape event in the form of a parade around RuneScape. The host is named Jahkr so just follow him.
  8. Well considering that jagex didn't develop the game (they are just publishing it for a developer, using their experience in Java gaming.) that seems highly unlikely not to mention it isn't even the right genre. Plus on the WoL twitter they confirmed it has nothing to do with it. ok how do u know they are just publishing it for a developer? from what i read jagex made woL themselves
  9. my friend says war of legend is new mechscape
  10. come to my big party. it's in Rimmington on world 29 at Oct 31 at 3pm EST and 7pm GMT. there will be 2000 people there. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: great guano invasion THIS IS A RIMMINGTON PARTY. NO GIRLS ALLOWED!!!!
  11. accumulator is the best. im glad u mentioned that.
  12. jagex said something about making mining more interesting soon so if i were u i'd wait for it
  13. i think of it like this: if you have the extra cash eating dust just buy dragon pick but if you can use the cash for anything else, just use rune pick because it's soooooooooooooo much cheaper only 18k
  14. Cannoning evil chicken is the easiest way if you don't mind buying the cost.
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