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  1. I didn't like the flagstaff, but put up with it. I didn't like the wheel, but put up with it. I didn't like the merch clans like smokin mills which openly RWT'ed while Jagex did nothing. (they are still active, some goldselling sites have weekly dropparties, WHY DOESNT JAGEX DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT?) Then came the item shop where you could buy items with real cash and that was the final straw for me. I enjoy this version of the game but if any of the above makes it into this version, I'm done again. I kinda hope this version gets less popular, so bots and EOC-07traders will disappear. How can people like EOC when you can alch whips with profit now. :?
  2. Especially since they won't even be discontinued at all...
  3. Yes they are. Going from 2m+ at noon here to 600k- now. I wonder what prices phats will have when dropped... Stood ready clicking for someone to die at Vannaka slayer master earlier today, free full rune and dds. (hate it to realise I could have had a berserker ring or a black mask from that same pile.......... )
  4. Very nice (!!!) and good luck with your next goal! :^_^:
  5. Too bad for the people that like to RC/woodcut/...
  6. I've seen numerous posts on RSOF of people complaining about bots, the threads are closed down almost immediately and the topic starters are asked to report them ingame. Ye, let's all report the swarms of bots around you and someone will manually check their accounts if they were truly botting...
  7. If you get cleaned, I think your addiction is soon over. :razz:
  8. Because the odds are against them. (just like in real life lottery) How is this different from a mercher taking advantage of the stupidity of people to sell his goods for personal gain at a higher price?
  9. I guess: the more you stand out in a crowd, the more your message comes through. Stood in w1 for 2 hours tonight selling camelot tabs for 1100 each, with an autotyper standing next to me for 1500 each. His text shaking, red and always visible while mine faded after a second. By the position he was in I assume he had around 3 times as much trades compared to me. Two times he traded me, just to stall me in trade screen while he kept autotyping. Raking in the trade requests when he got out of trade screen with me.
  10. This is annoying as hell though when you are selling something in a popular world. For instance: I'm selling under the price of the guy autotyping next to me, but that person gets the trades since he spams his message flawless 4x as fast as I am AND he keeps spamming his message even while in tradescreen. This without effort while my fingers are +- numb after 15 minutes. If they are not enforcing the rule, I find it very hypocrit that they're not allowing it. BTW: if this post is in any way not allowed here, feel free to change it. (I would appreciate it, if you would let me know what is not allowed about it then. Thanks = )
  11. Since there is no GE, not only the hosts of flowergames benefit from autotyping and it seems like everyone and their mom uses an autotyper in the crowded merchspots. So what is the deal about it? Is it allowed? Is it tolerated? Is it forbidden? If it is the last, which I stil assume, why is no action taken against autotypers?
  12. I sold two zammy pages today for 200k each. Might get +-220k if you stand an half hour shouting.
  13. I'd like to take that offer if you want to do that for me... (:pray:) Pm on the way!
  14. Bart Smit is on the list as a shop you can buy a card from. I'm going to take my gf on a shopping trip to the Netherlands. (and accidentally pass a Bart Smit to buy a game card :smile: ) ^^Thanks Omali! I would've been wondering for hours if I had the right one if you didn't post that picture.
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