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  1. Coming from someone who used to use a rapier - it can't do squat on skeletons. I spent more than 5 minutes trying to kill a lv 136 or so skeleton mage with gorg rapier + tactician.
  2. Considering Das's recent post, I find it kind of hard to take him seriously, the way he lashes out by calling people "butthurt" and having to censor himself several times. I'm just commenting as an observer here, BTW. I have no personal stake in the TIF vs TEF debates.
  3. Happy birthday :D

  4. Haha, lots to comment on here. First, very good guide. I learned a few things, even though I like to think I know a few things about dg (although 79 isn't that high, lul). I really liked your style. You came across as intelligent w/o being elitist, something the 3bo people and the w117 kids all need to work on (in different ways ofc). I got a ssh from an abandoned 2 c6 med solo once (exit after revealing most rooms and boss to save time). However, I stupidly unbound it. Later I was dging with friends (5:5 larges) when I found one. Occult 5:5 larges with hooded teammates is what I would suggest (definitely better than solo aba 2 floors). Mage is obv very good on demons and warriors, but that's it. So it does have some use. :^_^: Blaster (snare ring iirc?) is actually very good on rammernaut for low lv dgers, since he is otherwise unbindable. Might also work well on Dreadnaught. Is spear>ba, even with zerker ring? I've heard differently, but I can't say I know from experience. (Ik most people use 2h, ofc). Primal spear looks really cool, I'll give it that. :shades: In response to boss strats: I personally would appreciate some info on ballak and occult bosses. You know, some details that you wouldn't get just by looking at the wiki. Others probly would like that too.
  5. Yeah, some people do. Really weird, I know. :wall:
  6. Pretty impressive, and I believe that. I've joined the clan and found it to be great. I'm not quite sure how a bunch of lv 138s would take someone of my dungeon lv and do lower floors with them if they only wanted to get more xp for themselves. :thumbup:
  7. New gnomes officially creep the (cabbage) out of me.
  8. The updates are pretty welcome. Certainly not bad, but it seems like they're kind of beating around the bush here. I would imagine an easier lletya teleport wasn't at the very top of many players' christmas list.
  9. About the first one ('what, not teh economy??'): I disagree with Racheya. Oftentimes these community events are, quite frankly, pathetic. One my friends summed them up quite nicely: a front page post + one jmod babysitting with public off and talking with the other employees on Skype. Firstly, I do not recall four updates/month. Even before FT/wildy came out (where they had an excuse to take their time), Jagex wasn't exactly churning out updates. Also: I, for one, don't see the inherent appeal of Ele Workshop 3 and Do No Evil - which add very little to the game (besides the new 300kxp/hr thieving method). There are many, many issues to address in RS that jagex has ignored. Some of them include the dg auto grouping system. If jagex spent more time on their alts, they might see that dg right now is almost exclusively a lv 130+ activity (a group of lv 80s finishing 2 dungeons total a week doesn't really count). Couldn't they at least advertise this system? Would require only a small amount of their precious time, I'm sure. Of course, the alternative is that they DO play their game like your average player, but choose to focus on easy stuff, like community 'events', and not on improvements.
  10. friends & community, they often still use off-topic still clueless why they browse runescape subforums though. Probably b/c they're interested in what people are saying about RS w/o having to go to the clusterbeep that is RSOF. But I kinda agree, still weird.
  11. No, actually, it DOESN'T feel like that to me. I DON'T remember checking the players online and thinking "this is a lot lower then what it was." Furthermore, I DON'T remember a time when it was around 100k; the most I can REMEMBER is 150k, at the lowest (and probably not even that.) Here's a tip: emotions != fact. Emotions lie to you and cause you to make up rationalizations to support what your emotions dictate should be true. It'd be oh-so-very-easy to start losing interest in RS, and translating that into RS is dying. From that, you look at the number of people on, and (with the idea that RS is dying and less people are playing now running about your subconscious) think, "Oh, I remember more people being on when I played." From there, it's a simple matter of some part of your brain turning "I remember more people then this being on" into remembering seeing a larger number on then you see now. Example: I think RS is dying, because I'm losing interest; others are losing interest. I know this, because a select group of friends thinks this. There must be less people playing RS now. Let's see. There are 180k people on right now. I bet there were more people on when I was playing more. Oh. I "remember" there being 250k people on at peak times. Furthermore, the fact that no one single person on this thread has agreed with you is much stronger evidence that RS isn't dying then what your own emotions about RS dying. However, I must add that the fact that no one has disagreed with you is really, really, really horrible evidence in and of itself. Serious question: is it possible for you guys to disagree with what he says but not attack him personally? I thought the OP brought up a good point about how they're quite a few more high levels than in previous months/years. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with the OP. But quite frankly I've also seen (negative) changes on these forums, to the point where it's quite difficult to find players maturely discussing something.
  12. Get 92 prayer at the very least, preferably 95. 88 summ reclaim quest cape (only 4 to go, which unfortunately includes nomad and the stupid monkey luring puzzle for Do No Evil) Cr and ccbow
  13. I'm almost 16, and I've had lots of friends who played and then stopped at 12-13. One kid told me just a few months ago that he ragequitted after he died and lost his granite platebody and dlong. Lul
  14. For magic monsters (if you're not praying), just use black dhide, or black dhide body +karil skirt. That's what I do anyway, cheap and effective.
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