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  1. I noticed there was no item page for Spiritbloom Orb so here is the info for it: The examine is "A globe that glows with magical power. (Tier 10)"
  2. Happy birthday Kim :)

  3. Haven't read all of the previous replies in their entirety, apologies if I repeat something here. Herbicide is a nice addition to the slaying arsenal. The XP is pretty low, but it can add up to quite a bit of time/gp saved in the long run. Also, upgrading to the Kiln cape would be beneficial because of the higher bonuses over fire cape.
  4. Well I can tell you right away that Warbands is not at all dead content. Thousands of people show up in friends chats every 7 hours to do them. A good starting point is knowing when a warbands wave is about to begin. They start every 7 hours, and can be timed using the http://www.warbandtracker.com. 30 minutes before a wave starts, friends chats will be posted on the website which are hosting warbands in the upcoming wave. They may list what gear they expect you to use on the tracker, otherwise standard gear is level 50 torso/legs/helm + level 70 weapon of matching combat style (using batwing hood/torso/legs + polypore staff is a common setup). Each host has 1 friends chat that they use and the owner of the friends chat can add up to 40 people, at which point the chat is closed (set to only friends or higher rank can join). At the 30 minute point you must join a chat and prepare to not be added, but listen to whatever the ranks tell you to do in case you are. There are hundreds of people trying to get into each chat, so be patient and keep trying to join until you get added. After that point, listen to whatever the ranks say and you should be good to go. Warband camps can be located at one of three locations when they spawn, which are: ELM - East of the lava maze - Make a waka canoe at the edgeville station and float it into the wilderness, then run slightly north to reach the camp. RDI - Red dragon isle - Use a games necklace to teleport to the corporeal beast cave, then run directly east until you reach the camp. DWF - Dark Warrior's Fortress - Run from Quercus to level 13 wilderness north of edgeville monestary I think that should cover it, Good luck :)
  5. 4 99s and you think you're high leveled. You're so cute <3:
  6. What a shame you can't mine with a dragon square shield. Also, wouldn't it be wise to wait for the final dwarf quest to come out before hunting for a dragon pickaxe? I assume the pickaxe from that would be the same level or better than a dragon one.
  7. I can tell you for sure that Surefooted is NOT worth it. Other than that I'm afraid I don't know which is best.
  8. Congratulations to everyone on their promotions, all well deserved. Hopefully this change will help everyone on the moderator team to deal with any issues that may arise. :)
  9. Oh my! That'd be an interesting addition :P These ideas are so obvious once they get thrown out there. Hopefully they make their way into the game at some point
  10. Reminds me a bit of Madonna. I didn't get anything from my lucky necklaces except for lamps and coins.
  11. And drumgun claims rank 1 as he gets 99 divination. Congratulations to him
  12. Swei has also gained about 1/10th of their firemaking xp in woodcutting, which fits with the xp gains at jadinko lair. Unless they were doing a different method of firemaking and then woodcutting to get 1/10th of the xp, I'd say its safe to say that Swei is doing jadinko lair. (monthly runetracker says 10.7M woodcut and 107M firemaking)
  13. Apparently Richard's chest pains were just a pulled muscle and 8 hours of testing later he is completely fine Back to no-lifing
  14. You can still get noted items even when you don't harvest it yourself.
  15. can confirm he is online at most 1/4 of my playtime Also im #1 to 99 div
  16. I'd like to see one for Forsberg, seeing him power through slayer got me interested in him
  17. First you claim W48 Jadinkos as yours then you steal my spotlight ihu leik
  18. Actually quite proud of getting 99 slayer, it's one of my favourite skills and by far the best skillcape in-game. Also, 4/5 99s this month. Go me
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