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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. My best advice is to take it up take it up with Jagex. How you'll do that, I've no idea. That, or if you're planning to use this account, just purchase a monthly membership, then try to login, if it still says negative, buy another. It shouldn't take more than 2-3 subscriptions, depending on how long the thief used the account for.
  3. It's a common problem with accounts that have been stolen and black-marketed, usually the thief obtains membership credit by illegal means such as credit card fraud, or illegitimate PIN numbers. Jagex then sees this and bans or locks your account, forcing you to purchase however many months of illegitimate membership the thief had purchased. So if your account was a member for 2 months while the thief was using it, you would have to purchase 2 months of members to reverse the negative credit, thus unlocking your account.
  4. I love your signiture, if it's yours, great job, if not props to the author.

  5. I've always though that the rarity of Spinach Rolls was just a myth created by scammers to scam money off unknowing players :\ Beefy Bill in Lumbridge also stocks the Rolls in his trade.
  6. Oh cool, what other games do you guys play while in Iraq?
  7. You might, however a Super Set will aid tremendously in training. Otherwise, yeah you will be hitting blanks quite often without the Attack potion.
  8. And as with Dragon Slayer itself, I know you have to kill a Lesser Demon to obtain the Maze Key, is it possible to lose the aggro so that one of your other friends can take the Demon out for you?
  9. Yeah, I thought as much too. Would people like to see a Blog/Picture diary on this?
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rE6dWct8DRs After seeing this video, I'm actually quite eager to try it myself. From what I can gather, he's using an Iron Dagger++, a Ring of Recoil, and some Pizzas. Though, what's the Purple potion he drinks? A Super Defence I assume? Also, Dragon Slayer requires 33 Quest Points to start, but gathering from all the F2P quests which don't reward combat experience, I'll only have about 23 QP's all up from them. So I might have to go P2P for this. Anyone have any thoughts or advice/tips?
  11. I believe the DragonFire shield has a particularly strong special attack? Might aid them in the final blow I suppose. Btw: You spelled 'Australia' wrong in your Location box xD
  12. I think the location doesn't have to matter, as long you're within screen rotation of a bank booth, and that you have adequate tiles (floor-space) to light your logs, you should be fine.
  13. Thanks xD I had a quick read through, he's not training much differently to me. Although once I reach 40 Defence; which is one level, I'll grab that set of Rune and head down into the stronghold. EDIT: I've decided against that actually, thought I might take a break from combat with Woodcutting. It seems to be shaping up nicely, once I hit 60, some steady income should be available from Yews. ^^ Stats as of 16/12/09 :b
  14. Question! Say if you obtained members for a month, changed your display name, then ran out of members; would you still have the customized display name in F2P?
  15. As far as I know, they updated Monks so that they would stop healing themselves during combat. So technically, now they're quite useless in terms of Pures.
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