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  1. Anyone have pointers on what combat gear I should be wearing? Stats and cash stack are in above screenshot. I have a whip, kyzaj, jessica sword/offhand, and a bunch of junk in bank. It looks like I sold everything tradeable when I last played. What's the highest non-degradable gear right now? What do people use for slayer at my level? What's reasonably priced?
  2. Thanks for the tips, arceus. I think I have you added already on the "Its Arceus" account from the last time I returned to the game. I'd be interested in jumping into a clan, but may need a refresher on what's involved. IIRC it's just a bit of skilling at the citadel each week and in exchange you get an occasional exp boost, right?
  3. Here's what I'm looking at right now. Rightmost image is the minimum skill requirements for the quests. And here's a useful link I found: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Quests/Strategy Tips of any sort are appreciated.
  4. Hey Guys, I'm considering returning to the game for my once-every-five-years run at getting back the quest cape. Quests have always been my major draw to Runescape. I first got the cape shortly after the release of While Guthix Sleeps, the first Grandmaster quest (late 2008-early 2009). I continued playing through the release of Nomad's Requiem, beat Nomad pre-EOC, and eventually left to do other things. I returned late 2014 and played through the early Sixth Age quests and the release of the first half of Prifddinas. (I realize this might be really, really old history to some people but my last memory of the game is standing on the path out from the Prif bank and looking at the path end in midair because they hadn't released the second half of the city yet :D.) This was post-EOC and there was a LOT to learn to get the cape back. I was basically a total noob, constantly asking in clan chats and anywhere available for answers to basic questions that you wouldn't know if you hadn't been playing consistently in recent years. For example, "What's the most efficient way to train slayer now?" "What gear should I be using?" "Which D&Ds are everyone doing for the best XP rates?" I noticed some big quests have been released in the last year and figured I might show up again to try them out. I expect to have a ton of questions, though, and was hoping to find a clan chat that's tailored to that purpose. Anyone know of anything like that? Any suggestions? I think when I last returned there was a "Returning Players Guide" on this site. Links to any of that sort of content are always appreciated.
  5. I come here every once in a while to check active user numbers. I always find it funny to see more users on an old forum I used to post on 10 years ago than the crappy forums I currently post on. This thread seems relevant to my interests, so I figured I'd weigh in. You've got two factors that impact volume of users on a website like this. The first is quality of the website itself and the second is quality of the game it's built around. Both should be assumed to have the modifier "-compared to other popular options," though this is much more relevant for the site than it is for the game. The website side of things has already been pretty well explained. Social media and the way people use social media have changed. Tip.it can't compete with reddit/twitch/wiki and what you're left with here are mostly people who feel they have some sort of sentimental attachment. The game side of things is a little more complicated. This post caught my eye: As of this post we've got 69k players across... What, 3 or 4 versions of the game? Lost track. That would've been unheard of even a year or two ago. The Reddit thing is interesting. I've been hanging around r/Warframe and we're sitting at ~700 users for a game that is very much not in decline and has a non-negligible console presence I feel like bringing up some Steam stats not to contribute in a meaningful or informed way (Since I don't know how to statistics as well as the computer science folks that make up 90% of the forum's population), but just because I can, and because as a Warframe player that detests Runescape the fact that it's got literally twice the current active player count is personally insulting: don't give up, SkeletonScape! Even in your declining state you're still ahead of Warframe, ARK, and TF2 on one platform That's not to say the game is in a good place (I'm not going there), but it'll probably be around for a while yet even if our niche forum isn't getting much attention. It probably speaks more toward the game's peak and the fact that we're forum enthusiasts lamenting the death of the forum when literally everyone else seems fine with Reddit and the like. It's super strange to me that a game I still play from time to time, TF2, has similar player numbers to a game I think of as a ghost town. The fact that RS still has these sort of numbers even after the atrocities of recent years really is a testament to the vastness and the strength of its original world-building and its persistence in the minds of its players. I wanted to figure out why, even with these player numbers, the game could still feel comparatively empty. This data could be informative: http://www.misplaceditems.com/rs_tools/graph/ 90-100k peaks for active users, but you'll notice those players are split evenly between two different versions of the game. The result is two games with somewhere around 40-50k peak daily users. These numbers correspond more accurately with the actual experience you'll get in-game. This division of the userbase is further compounded by the way the game is set up - many, many discrete servers which continue to separate the pool of players. The end result is that you can jump on a random server and run around a bit and it will really feel quite empty despite the fact that the game continues to draw decent player numbers. And then of course there's the obvious explanation that this game has 2000 player servers that used to be full during peak hours while a game like TF2 has 20-32 players per server maximum and even at its peak popularity your experience of playing on a 20-player server would not have been any different than playing on a 20-player server today. In TF2, as long as you can find 20 players in a server somewhere you'll never notice that the game isn't at its peak any more. The absence of players is more obvious in Runescape. I don't really know what my point is in all of this except to say 1) It's strange to see the way these games have aged, and 2) tip.it's screwed when it comes to user numbers, but at least you're not [other forum that's near-dead and doesn't have the excuse of its game being 15 years old and completely gone to shit]. Talk to you again in a year or two.
  6. I voted for Gertrude's Cat because that was the idea they pitched and I thought it was pretty cool. Looking at it again, Shield of Arrav could be cool, especially if it is a multiplayer quest. They haven't done one of those in a while. The reason I didn't vote for SoA originally is I know they have changed it a lot over the years. I barely remember all the stuff I did and I doubt my experience was the same as the experience of many of the newer players.
  7. You're right, I thought the character voting was for the 200th quest. I think the questions about whether this is the right choice for Nomad's lore are even more potent given that the quest is taking place in our reality. Was Nomad even a Zamorakian to begin with? Can a quest that bases its supporting character narratives on a player poll ever be anything more than fanservice?
  8. I'm not a fan of Jagex's ideas about player-driven content. Players can be useful for developing creative new ideas, but they often don't know what they really want until it's given to them. It also makes Jagex seem really directionless and noncommital - a tendency reinforced by recent update history. Decisions should be made by the people making the content and they should have an over-arcing idea of where things are headed, in general. Allowing the players to make these decisions suggests leadership issues within Jagex. Hopefully these will pass after the transitional CEO period. They must realize that the reason everyone is voting for Varrock and Gertrude's Cat is that this is exactly how they pitched it when introducing the quest. I was thinking this as well. Are they seriously considering compromising a promising plot line in favor of fan service? I suppose since it's alternate reality it won't have much bearing on other quests, but it seems a little strange.
  9. Highlander and 6s are really just as serious as you make them. I'm lucky to have found a team of pretty talented guys who like to mess around. The big thing in each league is the coordination, I'd say, and once you get that down you're golden. That's why you'll find yourself floundering if you're just trying to pick it up and run with it. It's not like a pub in that regard. Most teams, if they want to get good, will practice and scrim together, but my team hasn't so far. Like I said, it is whatever you make it.
  10. We're probably not in the same league, but what team are you? I'm bEAST. We've only had one game so far, but it looks like it'll be a great season.
  11. I spent the evening hunting for temples and checking out all the recent updates. No luck with the treasure hunting (although I did find an abandoned mine shaft), but I've now got a big family of dogs and plans for a cat. Are there any multiplayer servers out there focusing on the adventure and exploration side of things (as opposed to the creation - I remember how much item spawning we did in the first server)?
  12. I just finished Heavy Rain. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in mystery/drama movies. I enjoyed it because I like seeing new media in storytelling. Be warned, though, it's not really a 'game,' more of an interactive film on a game platform. Either way, definitely recommended.
  13. Alright, I purchased the Asus at $1479. While the Sager was a great option, I figured the benefits of a more powerful machine outweigh those of an SSD. Basically, more power means the gaming will still be good many years down the road, while the SSD would only save me time - valuable time, but at the current prices, it's hard to justify. If I come across some money later, I'll definitely consider adding an SSD, and I'm sure the longer I wait the better the prices will get. I really appreciate the help and expertise from all of you. Thanks.
  14. I like this Asus, but I'll switch to Sager for the SSD if I can find a build I like. Alright, so with an SSD (as a secondary drive, not replacing the 500GB HDD) I'm looking at $1624, which is still a bit high, but we'll see. To be clear on the RAM, having only 8GB will not effect gaming? The reason I say "bottleneck" is that in my last custom build, I made the mistake of choosing a graphics card which wasn't on the same tier as the processor and RAM. This limited the games I could play. I'd like the components of the laptop to be consistent with each other so that one item will not be holding me back. Side note: How will the reduced video RAM effect performance, and is the sound card part of the video card?
  15. It should really only take 30 seconds to find your first page, you must have a pretty short attention span. And if you didn't even have an encounter with the Slender Man you didn't even experience the game! To clarify, I found one page, kept walking, saw the Slender man out of the corner of my eye, kept walking, turned left, and saw this horribly-rendered piece of [see edit] thing waving tentacles at me, then a cliche fuzzed-out white face, then got an endgame screen. That's when I decided I was bored and didn't play it. I completely agree - it's not really a great game at all. It's a fad, and it will die a fad; it only got popular because it's free and it's supposedly horror, so people think it's funny to play and watch on youtube. Edit: I removed a certain swearword because it wasn't automatically censored. I am not sure if the rules have been changed regarding this specific swearword.
  16. Alright, between the Asus and a Sager with similar specs, here's what I'm seeing: Asus has 3GB vRAM (up from 1.5), 750GB HDD (up from 500), 16GB RAM (up from 8), and a price of $1529 (down from $1569), while Sager has a 40GB SSD (what's the "Intel series 310 msata" mean relative to the other SSD option listed?) Question: With the Intel 3rd Gen Core i7-3610QM, Nvidia GTX 670M (3 or 1.5 GB), and 16 or 8GB RAM, where's the bottleneck? [spoiler=Alternatively] Asus: Intel 3gen i7-3610QM 2.3GHz, Nvidia GTX 670M 3GB, 16GB DDR3 Sager: Intel 3gen i7-3610QM 2.3GHz, Nvidia GTX 670M 1.5GB, 8GB DDR3, additional SSD Where are the bottlenecks on each and which is more powerful in terms of future gaming? Basically, if the processor will bottleneck the performance, I don't need to worry about gutting the RAM and video card. Alternatively, if upping the video card to 675M in the Sager (and dropping the SSD) would be more effective, I would consider that.
  17. [hide]I'd love to see a Justice League movie. Just saying[/hide] [hide]I hear Superman is next on the list, plus Nolan claims he won't come back to Batman, plus Bale doesn't want to be in a movie with Robin. We'll see what happens. [/hide]
  18. I think what I may do is add the SSD later after I have more money (and the prices come down a bit). Financial irresponsibility has its limits.
  19. I'd agree that Macs excel when editing video or similar media. The PC stuff is out there, but it's often hard to find and rarely free. That said, Mac's programs are anything but free. I prefer PC, personally. E: For all you techies, here's something interesting to consider. I once worked on a video editing project in a class where all we had were Chromebooks. Basically, whatever we used had to run in a browser. In addition, it had to be free. It took some trawling on the teacher's part, but it was definitely an interesting experience.
  20. The most expensive one is $50 less than the expensive Asus I listed, and it lists the 680M (better than the Asus), double the RAM, and double the hard drive. There must be a catch, and I'm guessing it's in the word "capable," meaning you have to upgrade it, increasing the price. I haven't heard much about this brand, does anyone have experience with them? After some investigation, I've found they are custom builds and the price does rise significantly. However, it looks like there are some good options in there (internal SSD) so I'll keep playing with it. E: Yep, the prices/performance definitely doesn't match that of the Asus after customizing. As I understand it, the SSD is a faster hard drive, correct? And I assume it would be external if I were to add it to these purchases. E: A little research shows the increase in reliability in price is coupled with an EXTREME decrease in storage size. Basically, a 500GB hard drive is cheaper than a 60GB SSD. My guess is I probably don't know what I'm looking at.
  21. Total amount was less than a new game. \:D/ My total amount was less than a new DS game. :thumbsup: FO3:GOTY FONV:U Bioschock 1 and 2 Total: 25 Bucks Non-Sale total: $100
  22. SPOILARZ Just don't read this thread if you haven't seen it tbh I was blown away by Nolan's and Hathaway's Catwoman. First of all, she was not hypersexualized, despite wearing tight latex and heels for almost the entire movie. On top of that, the acting was really great. A friend of mine pointed out an important moment in her opening scene: She steals the jewels, is outed as Catwoman (or just a thief at this point), and suddenly, her body language changes. Re-watch the scene if you can, it was really amazing how she slid from being an uptight servant into this lithe, cunning antihero.
  23. I think I'm going with this, but I can't shake the feeling this would be a more reasonable investment. In terms of future gaming, how quickly should I expect each to become obsolete?
  24. http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/hacker-evolution-duality I wouldn't worry too much about missing out.
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