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  1. The shock was that he could actually get 2 gems at once. Not they were worth much.
  2. jamesrules90


    I went into town today. I went to york a couple of days ago and am going to amble tommorow Yay 100th post countable post :)
  3. I saw nothing. Stupid clouds and damn council who turns lights up too permanoon.
  4. Is in your mind right now.

  5. Nice hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy quote.

  6. Enjoy your birthday

  7. Getting to 94 takes a while and I wouldn't call it selfish not spending hours getting a 99.
  8. It was installing the updates and it was just names of files and not the system scan. And after I tried again it still did it.
  9. When I booted up my dell inspiron 17 laptop after turning it off for a hour or so it only had some random file names from my computer and had "(number of file)*/8495 " then the dell screen came on. After that is what black for about 10 minutes before finally loading windows. It happened twice What can I do to stop it.
  10. Lucky, don't have a car and my council has our streetlights at permanoon. I hope I will be able to see it.
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