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  1. I'll oblige and not tell you that I wouldn't say no, I would say no.
  2. More motivation for the 5k games, right?
  3. Bilrach shouts "Praise Zamorak!" when idle - I saw him do it several times when investigating the statue and generally examining the room.
  4. I was quoting someone, not that it matters. Take your "new generation" to Off Topic, if anywhere. Hopefully a mod can flush out this digression.
  5. Weeaboo WoW, just what the doctor ordered!
  6. Corp seems to drop them quite frequently. I got a similar droprate when the tickets first came out, but the rate for me soloing seems to be about 1/15 kills will give a ticket - the sad part is when you get a rune pickaxe or something and it's worth more than the actual corp drop.
  7. I couldn't give a flying gibbon-on-a-tricycle about the DG updates tbh, I can't see them making things that much faster. Congratulations to the fishers though, sounds like you're in for a much nicer time. I CAN give a hoot about Goliath Gloves now having a percentage though <3: : No more getting three punches into the Corporeal Beast just to have them break due to the ambiguity of "Almost falling apart" :thumbsup:
  8. Well, time to drink my own piss. Paranoid: Very High Schizoid: Very High Schizotypal: Very High Antisocial: Very High Borderline: Low Histrionic: Very High Narcissistic: Very High Avoidant: High Dependant: Low Obsessive-Compulsive: Moderate I second guessed myself on the second guess question, then laughed my arse off.
  9. No, if you had an endless supply of cash, you'd buy out RuneScape. If I had lots of cash, I'd buy Rainy.
  10. I'd personally love such an update. One strange scenario would be having many clue scrolls all at the same clue, so that speaking to Uri would give many clue scroll caskets. I've done multiple clue scrolls in conjunction with one another; my maximum being 3 hard clues at the same time. It's a pain, but without the need to drop and relay, I think it would perhaps be faster than doing two individually, as you're likely to find times when the two scrolls are at similar locations.
  11. 120 solo kills in, using the goliath method. Still no sigil, but at least 1 of every other corp drop. Then this:
  12. I recently bought an Intuos 5, my first ever tablet. I must say that I am massively happy that I took the advice of nearly everyone I asked concerning them - buy the one you're going to keep, don't go cheap as a "taster." This is because the difference between many of the cheaper options and the real thing like the Intuos 3/4/5 is incredibly large, you're either going to instantly know that you want a better tablet and end up buying a better one straight away, or find the cheap one so damn awful that it puts you off tablets for good, meaning you miss out on something you'd potentially love if you got a decent one. (after using my Intuos 5 for a few days, I had a go for the first time on a friend's tablet - I forget what the name was, something beginning with R - and well, I just couldn't stand drawing on it for more than 10 minutes, it felt slow and uncooperative.) Size wise, certainly match your monitor. The larger the better, really, but just look at your desk - how much room do you have? I'm used to painting and drawing on very large, vertical canvases so I was thinking of opting for an XL tablet - thank God I didn't. The L I got is just the right size (big enough to be a nuisance in terms of fitting my keyboard on at the same time, but small enough to be manageable and slide nicely in my keyboard-drawer-thingy to keep it safe when not in use) With the Intuos 5, you get a whole range of touch-based wizardry, which makes navigation of pretty much any software a breeze - I'm yet to find anything that doesn't allow high levels of customization apart from the Auto desk program I got with my Intuos 5 as a free software addition - quite annoyingly, there seems to be no way to make the tablet control brush size with the program :( One thing I must note here, however, is how terrible Wacom are. They really are a waste of time; prices outside of the US are roughly double those inside for no calculable reason - I even considered getting an American friend to buy my tablet and ship it privately. Don't even dream of buying any additional things like a carry-case or bag, they're horrendously bad quality and the customer service is to the degree of IDon'tWantToLiveOnThisPlanetAnymore that you're not going to be seeing a refund this side of NASA's next launch. Sadly, they're also pretty much the only place where you're going to find a good quality tablet :wall: If you're looking for a good tablet that you don't need to upgrade and isn't a stupid price like the Intuos 5 was, I'd go for an Intuos 3. This tablet is what nearly every concept design artist for games companies such as Bethesda starts out with, before expanding their horizons and buying a cintiq - don't look at cintiqs, they make you feel insecure about how terribly poor you are. Intuos 3s also don't have the "paper like texture" that Intuos 4 and 5 have, which I find is just another way of saying "The tablet's gonna wear down your nibs before you've even started planning your first sketch, don't worry though, we'll sell you more nibs for only half your bank account!" Summary: Go for an Intuos 3, 4 or 5 if you're seriously going to be using one of these a lot, it'll be worth it. As for learning how to draw graphically, which is something very new to me, I find watching YT videos of those that have clearly mastered the art (no pun intended) such as "cgsbgs" and "Mike Nash" very helpful.
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