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  1. https://soundcloud.com/stephanosrex/honk-honk-butt Unrelated except butts
  2. I remember that show. I was too self-conscious to actually watch it, but it seemed like fun and sometimes I would sneak in an episode when my parents weren't there.
  3. How are summoners, anyway? They look interesting but I keep hearing that they have the potential to be utterly game-breaking. Pretty sure they have that potential. That being said, pretty sure a wizard is more game breaking if you build him right. The thing about the summoner is, at least so far, it's basically giving me two characters to play. Each of them (so far - I'm only lvl 2) seem slightly below average characters. I've got a puny mage (from my experience, at lvl 1 mages are pretty terrible) and a decent fighter, essentially. (By fighter I mean melee user not the class) Quick, do something incredibly stupid and cheesy to make your character the equal of a level 10 character right off the bat! Invest all your points into extra arms and have him hold a gun in all of them!
  5. Wasn't that, like, the only actual roleplaying that ever happened here?
  6. You remember Wyvren, Alg? I'm not sure if he was before your time in the Tavern. I'm pretty sure he stopped DMing because of the time I played a Summoner.
  7. My town's drug problem is actually part of the boredom. I know some recovering cocaine addicts, at least one former dealer, and practically everyone's a pothead. It's an old hippie town, so everyone knows and no one cares.
  8. I would never know people lead interesting lives if not for forums like this. My town is peaceful, and nothing ever happens. I figure the water supplied must be laced with THC.
  9. Yeah, it's definitely the New Haven thing that I was thinking of. Using Google as a memory aid can be a dangerous business.
  10. Purdue? Yup. Holy shit, dude Closest I've ever been to one of those was when a kid a few schools over had a rifle confiscated a little while back Glad you're alright New Haven? lol You know, I'm not entirely sure. I got most of that news secondhand, could've sworn it was elsewhere.
  11. Purdue? Yup. Holy shit, dude Closest I've ever been to one of those was when a kid a few schools over had a rifle confiscated a little while back Glad you're alright
  12. Your art seems much better from my vague past impressions of it. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing more.
  13. It feels like there are at least three separate tracks of discussion in this thread at any one time
  14. Dude I've completely forgotten to keep up with that show. I need to go watch all the stuff I missed all at once. Every single episode of that manages to disturb me a little at least once. Also the theme is catchy
  15. This is my favourite dumb song ever http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIaxhaK7z5w
  16. Blaze... Ick. That guy was annoying as heck. Can't fault him for who he is though.
  17. My school in CNY closed for the first time in ever. It was pretty chill. Hah.
  18. I've been worried about you, Cow. I'm glad to know you're safe.
  19. Lokie I keep thinking your avatar is the girl from Kill la Kill because of the hair EDIT: Also what Zaap said
  20. For the love of god, watch Kill la Kill It's the most awesome [bleep]ing show ever made, in the most utterly ridiculous ways Second only to Gurren Lagann in its glorious absurdity Not to mention a large portion of the music is by the same guy who did the Attack on Titan soundtrack Just listen to this shit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXivYFVcLXs&list=PLjN-BtbxXXMoSImBQupNHv4tE5K1nvEPU DON'T LOSE YOUR WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
  21. Biggest gift was a new computer, 12 GB of RAM, i7 core, and a bunch of other stuff I don't understand the significance of. It runs good.
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