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    I spilled seltzer water on my laptop. My nice laptop. My Toshiba Satellite, which can't be opened even with all the screws out/doesn't have a removable battery/costs obscene amounts of money/was a gift from intimidating grandfather. It's currently upside down in the oven in the hopes that it can be saved. God rest its soul. #firstworldproblems
  2. For some reason, this post makes me think you're a fantastic person. I mean, in addition to my normally positive opinion. Despite all the bad stuff that happens to you, you still put so much care into the lives of living things. Even if it's a codependent thing, it seems like you're still doing more for your pets than some people do for their children.
  3. I get so worried about my cat nowadays, he'll just start going into wheezing fits, and he's getting old and weak... Nekyia, you have things so hard. I wish your life were more peaceful, you don't deserve all the misfortune thrown at you.
  4. Super Effective is now a poetry blog If you don't like it, go suck a log
  5. First of all, [bleep] you and your non-Korean rule, I was totally waiting for a chance to post about Tower of God. Second, Doctor Who is pretty cool. I've watched it since I was a little kid, with old Tom Baker episodes and whatnot. I was an avid fan of the reboot for a while, Eckleston was great and Tennant was fantastic, but I honestly think Matt Smith (and moreso his writers) really dropped the ball [WARNING WARNING WHOBABBLE IMMINENT]; the wonderful sense of continuity and growing cast that engendered the preceding seasons, the callbacks to Old Who, the building moral conflict and escapism that drove the Doctor forwards through his metamorphosis from the axiomatic 9th to the increasingly desperate and rebellious 10th, were all abandoned in favour of a lummox in a stupid fez. The worst part, though, was probably the two threads they did keep hold of, those being the enigmatic character that was River Song and the terrifying Weeping Angels. The former's story was put through the most godawful of mis-handlings after getting a beautifully sad conclusion when she was introduced in the Tennant era, while the latter group was entirely defanged by an incredibly contrived and almost comically terrible series of episodes revisiting them sprinkled throughout the tenure of the 11th Doctor. But there's a new guy now, so I might start watching again. TNPW post about a Japanese/Korean, or American piece of media.
  6. I love your little poems. Something about them feels just right. They're lyrical, but not in a stupid way.
  7. TNPW give a short overview of a show/movie with dystopian themes OR Stack a bunch of things on top of one another and take a picture OR Post dramatic music appropriate for one/both of these actions
  8. All I know about ADHD is that a friend of mine who had it drinks coffee to keep herself calm because she doesn't like taking the meds.
  9. Neon Genuises is my favourite anime Not actually though Attack on Titan is cool in that it seems to appeal to almost everyone, though personally I don't like it all that much
  10. Literally just that, plus a USB mouse. It's better than the desktop or laptop of anyone I know. It even meets the requirements for Titanfall, when that comes out :thumbup: I'm that lame person who doesn't really make a gaming space for themselves, I just sort of laze about in the kitchen or living room. Also no desktops for years.
  11. This thread of mine glows with an awesome POWER! It's burning text tells me to quote you! Take this; my likes, my spam, and all of my emoticons! SHINIIIIIIING ERRRRR
  12. Boys are ew .-. Of course, in most societal and physical respects we have everything much easier, but still. No I don't have any actual reasonable grounds for my opinion.
  13. Yeah I mean I guess I'm bi or something like that. I hang out with a lot of lgbt folk and my family was always fine with that sort of thing even before they knew that they had two queer kids. There's a really old photo of my parents at a gay bar surrounded by 90s lesbians. Lol. And obviously my sister is full-on transsexual, even the medical stuff. That makes me doubt that I could be the same way, it just seems too unlikely, but we have a lot of the same feelings about the topic. I'm really hesitant about the medical stuff. Like I know my body as it is is pretty uncomfortable sometimes but I think if I took testosterone supplements I would be horrified with my appearance. Chest hair, boobs, I would look like a bearded lady and probably feel a lot of weird mental changes. And it isn't all fixable (or affordable) so I think I'd rather not be in the middle. However I definitely think my matrix person would be a guy. During the period of time in which I considered transgenderness, even before I decided it would be worth sticking with the worse gender so as to not inflict upon others the sight of me trying to be feminine, I concluded that I would never be able to be happy with medical solutions. I'm pretty sure my friend's transgender girlfriend has been taking estrogen and whatnot, but I'm also pretty sure she's not keen on the whole genital restructuring or chest-poof-outing thing. I honestly don't think she needs it, she does a good job of being cute and girly as is (she would probably punch me in the throat for that, though).
  14. It seems I have quite a few GASM* friends, I'm probably close to fewer straight, birth-gender-identifying individuals than any other demographic. *(The term was proposed by some person somewhere I can't remember when as an alternative to LGBT; Gender And Sexual Minorities. I like it because it's all-inclusive, and sounds funny.) EDIT (Turns out it's an actual thing, and generally spelled GSM. I think this is boring.)
  15. I have a few transgender friends, it always makes me disappointed that I don't see them in the clothes they'd rather be wearing. Especially the ex-boys, they have it much harder. Gender-identity-related crossdressing aside, I may have a bit of a soft spot for androgynes. >.>
  16. Yup. I think that sort of thing should be more common. Onnnly partly because of personal preferences.
  17. Interested in context if context there be, can't remember if it's come up before. Every time I assume to understand something like this I end up being the reverse of correct.
  18. I'm 18 :o Yeah, I think that makes you the youngest one here. If we count me, I'm 17, so there's that. People have ballparked me at 27 though. Teens these days are too sissy to grow proper beards.
  19. Does no one look at these ??????? She's also the one that publishes the Times every week, but even fewer people care about that. Those are all hollow consolations, when we all know her true calling was to fight her eternal war against the denizens of LOTPW. But in putting her all into their extermination, and finally succeeding, she destroyed the one thing worth posting for.
  20. I think it's kinda nice. I almost universally hate amateur poetry, but it's catchy and unassuming. Thank you for not being really, really bad at poetry like all the people I know from school.
  21. https://soundcloud.com/stephanosrex/honk-honk-butt Unrelated except butts That was glorious. Incredible. I've been trying to play that game all day. It's hard. I ended up accidentally injecting myself with mutagens, trying to mix the antidote while blinded and undergoing an epileptic seizure, and then jabbing my eyes with a screwdriver.
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