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  1. The mania should begin soon I've got a cold does that count?
  2. So I tried to reverse a two-week spiral into depression and strife and reconcile a fight with my closest friend. Am I doing it right?
  3. I wish I got B's, I'm like a straight D student TNPW be whatchu gonna
  4. Nexaduro


    You know, I don't think I figured out how to use text chat until after level 40. I'm also pretty sure I had someone following me around trying to be my friend for a while prior to that. I was like eight at the time, so I was kind of confused in more ways than one.
  5. Nexaduro


    You know, I keep forgetting that this is a Runescape site, and that most people joined because of Runescape
  6. I'll admit that I didn't expect to like it at first, but then it got so much better....You're going to turn me into an anime fan. Too late~
  7. Nexaduro


    Because all they do is drink beer and collect rocks. And occasionally show off their rock hammers. Hey, one of my best friends is a geologist The also make rock puns
  8. Kill la Kill was, is, and always will be the greatest thing ever made Unless Trigger just straight up becomes the greatest animation studio in the world and somehow tops it
  9. a metal dildo thing would be pretty gay, though I think it sounds pretty metal
  10. Just got back from the Finger Lakes Regional at RIT. My team didn't win, but we already won another regional, so oh well. Championships away.
  11. ZAAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPS (shut up I just spent four days in Cleveland with no sleep)
  12. My grandfather used to be the police chief Also in the FBI He still just sort of goes around between countries all the time, I have no idea what he does but he makes srs bank
  13. http://puu.sh/1AJEA The rest were porn, and goddamn if it isn't hard to find valid characters to substitute TNPW play a round of some round-based video game and report back
  14. My Nuzlocke team just got a Trapinch. I love those things.
  15. I hate freaking Lucarios. Blue fursuit Mary-Sue bastards. (No offense to any furries that may be out there. Unless you like Lucario. Then you're horrible.)
  16. Pokemon Y Nuzlockes are incredibly easy, even with me being as bad as I am. It was a pleasant surprise when all I did in Pokemon-Amie rescued my Fennekin <3
  17. Nexaduro


    The seltzer water was lime flavoured does that count At least the keyboard smells like fruit now
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