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  1. I feel your pain buddy. I want a chaotic as well. If you add me up we can get going on some dung sometime in the near future.
  2. I say cave dwellers because after being away from home for so long in the military my parent cleaned out my old room. now I'm forced into the cave (aka Basement).
  3. Hello my fellow cave dwellers, Glad to announce that I am back to RuneScape. This is so exciting :thumbsup:
  4. I remember grinding some Pest Control with F R A N C E. He was such a great pal.
  5. I'm back into RuneScape after several months of inactivity. Yay!
  6. Screen Shots: The Scenario: As soon as I walked inside I talked to the "Divine skinweaver" and I was fully healed instantly. I noticed there were holes in the walls and the undead just started coming. It was like Nazi zombies but in Runescape. I tried to "block" the holes but I took damaged always in the high 100s. After dying I went back and I noticed that the divine healer heals me as long as I stand in the platform. Thats when I turned my AUTO RETALIATE OFF. She (the Divine skinweaver) periodically says that the hole is getting weaker. At that point I ran to one of the holes and blocked it from spawning more targets. The Highlights: AUTO RETALIATE OFF STAND IN THE PLATFORM - Kill enemies at your convinience Feel free to ask more questions if you need more info.
  7. glad to be back in the US.

  8. @RpgGamer I thought it would be very clever. She will probably think I'm paying little attention to her but then I'll be kneeling down before she has a clue of whats going on.
  9. I looked up some pictures of this place and it seems very nice. I will go there for sure. She is not going willingly. I guarantee you that I could walk up to almost any female in her 20s and ask her to go to London with me and she would say yes. I mean what girl would refuse such offer. The main reason she is going is because Runefest is only one day thing and then she will have all my attention for the weekend. Plus she kind of knows I might be "poping the question" on this trip. Who knows...maybe Mod Mark can hold the ring for me. :-D
  10. This works for me: 1) Shave right after you shower. 2) Always use hot/warm water when shaving. 3) Use lotion/moisturizer on your face right after shave. I realize the best products are more female oriented. Don't be scared to try any. I use Dove skin lotion with their "normal" scent. 4) Shave gel doesn't always work. Dove soaps works magic on my skin. Just remember to try different methods of shaving until you find what fits you best. The way your doing it is obviously not working for you. That's a YES on the shoes. Converse are so versatile.
  11. Okay so I started looking into Runefest and I thought it would be a great time to go travel to London. I am planning on bringing my girlfriend and spending the whole weekend there. I wanted to know if any English users had any suggestions on sightseeing and other romantic places to visit. If you you guys/gals got any other advices or warnings regarding the city please feel free to reply.
  12. My advice: -Try not to wear dark shirt with dark jeans. I personally like to stay away from dark jeans as much as possible. -Lose that orange thing you have in your wrist. What is it anyways? -If you like wearing T-shirts grab some that have funny lines, cool designs, city/state sports team logos, etc. Basically something more noticeable and/or catchy. -I see you don't have a watch. If you don't have a cell phone, then I suggest you get a watch. Try to stay away from anything too flashy or bulky. Whatever you do don't buy gold watch (fake or otherwise). -Don't be afraid to try colors outside your comfort zone. Edit: I meant to ask you what kind of group you are most interested in since that can greatly affect you attire.
  13. Wow. You look a lot like one of my sisters. This is so uncanny. I wish i had a picture of her so you could see.
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