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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Have a great birthday!

  3. Ahh pretty nice 2 piece guthix. worth was around 1.1m i believe :)
  4. Dude.. this is something huge and god knows if you'll make it.. YOU HAVE MY FULL SUPPORT !! ill definately be checking up on this blog regularly and whatch your progress, im currently goaling for 91 rc'ing and i thought that was big.. well i cant think of anything else appropriate to say but THE BEST of luck ! and enjoy yourself doing it. dont be afraid to give up. :P
  5. the old pking. hands down. to all the newbies. u dont know what you missed :P
  6. Only thing i agree with is Herblore. yehh i guess its a tad expensive. but runecrafting..cmon. think of the rewards: cash, prestige and a hawt cape. its a great skill if you have the patience to train it. and complaining that theiving is slow lmao.. its incredibly fast if you use pyramid plunder. cmon man research or patience. choose.
  7. Get this, i hadn't played for something around 6 months so had no idea what this shattered hearts was. i started my goal of rc'ing and on my first ever craft, i recieve 2 random looking stones (yes, two). now ive researched this it seems pretty rare to have got both O.o
  8. I havn't played runescape for a while.. is it still virtually impossible to buy 3rd age from ge or has that changed? have the prices evened out to what the street value is? thanks.
  9. Hopefully as dungeoneering expands it will become more "skill-like" but for now it is just, how the majority put it, a mini-game.
  10. mmhm, less people are enchanting jewellry :P this is good for me as i use them for npc chat (lunar spell) :D
  11. I'd advise training a skill that has good income, i train runecrafting at the moment and only after a week of training a double astrals ive gone up a level and a bit and made 12m. other skills could be fishing or wc'ing mages but these are slower cash flow. so runecrafting is the better option if your sure you dont want any slayer done.
  12. Green dragons is good if making money is your only interest. however training runecrafting is great fun, has a great achievement, is actually a skill and is extremely rewarding :D goo goo runecrafting :P
  13. How can you dislike hunter !? :P hunter was a great skill added to the list, this is what the next release should be like.
  14. hmm, i enjoy playing runescape a great deal and when achieving my goals i play an awful lot, however i enjoy a good social life and education aswell and i find it easy to prioritise. i guess some people cant.
  15. I like it, support. it'd be a posotive change and if the animations are done well, will stop this repetetiveness of the same animation constantly.
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