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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away Rammstein - Du Hast
  3. I'm hopeful that if Jagex did remove the lvl 99 skillcap, they'd at least take the time to plan it. They'd have to add new XP rates past lvl 99, otherwise it would take years to get 120 for an average player. I'm sure people would be upset that 99 would no longer be the maximum if the caps were raised. All the time and effort put into mastering a skill at 99 would suddenly mean less, because "True Skill Mastery" would be 120. The maximum combat level would go up as well, which I think would be nice. And having a higher cap would also create many more possibilities for new quests, items, and areas to explore! More high level content could be created with less fear of "Overpowering" a certain combat style.
  4. Hey, thanks for the comment. :) Little things like that mean a lot.

  5. Well, I'd love to chat in-game, but sadly I'm on a restricted internet access computer. Maybe I should post that at the beginning of my posts, haha. I tried the LiveChat earlier, it's blocked too, so I thought, hey why not try the forums? I know it's got to be early or late depending on where everyone lives, but it was worth a shot to me. :)
  6. Hi, it's morning over here. I was just thinking about RuneScape after talking to my wife on the phone. She was fishing in Catherby and having fun. I figured I'd find people to talk to about RuneScape, you know, just random things or anything interesting.
  7. Not trying to steal your thread, but, what is a Corp?
  8. Be AWESOME if you checked how old a thread is before you reply to it... Last post before yours August/Sept '09 Ok... and what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?
  9. Hi, I'm Moskalski. I've been playing RuneScape on and off for the past 7 years. I was introduced to it by my younger brother, he's in OSUT for the Army right now, so he won't be playing for a while. I serve in the U.S. Army, and am currently deployed. I'll be home in roughly 2 weeks though! Haha! I get to see my kids and my wife again, it's been so long. Well, as far as RuneScape, I've had over 20 accounts. I've made mostly pures and hybrids. My first account was Vanathros. It was stolen about 2 weeks after I made the account, lol. My favorite combat skill is Ranging. My favorite skill is Fishing. I'm roughly CB Lvl 70ish now? I can't remember. I'll be playing soon, so if you want to chill or something, PM me. Bye!
  10. Thanks for maintaining this helpful forum man!

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  11. Man, that sucks. I'm 20, I've been playing RuneScape since I was 13. I'd play on and off, quitting sometimes, come back a few months or a year or two later. RuneScape is one of those game that just has that effect man. You hate it when things go wrong, and once everything's right again, you get sucked back into it. It becomes easy to quit though. I've got 4 kids and I'm married, I'm only 20. Lol. I'd tell you the ages of my kids but you'd think I'm disgusting, crazy, etc. Most people do. But yea man, good job on quitting, though I don't advise on tossing out your computer/laptop. You could use those for school[college] later on, or for work, etc. If you do play again, add me, or write me on Facebook. PM me if you want to talk on Facebook. I know how it feels not to have had friends. But look at me now, 20, serving in the U.S. Army, have a big, and happy family, I still play RuneScape. Lol. I can't play til I get home, but I still play. Good times, good times. Take care.
  12. Ah, ok. Well, with higher accuracy I'd hit more often right? :) Which brings up more questions! Yes! [Adding them on first post..]
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