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  1. What Is The Best Clan Name You've Seen? Envy Echo of Silence Reign of Terror Worst Name? True 0wnage Anything that starts with Divine The Moon Clan Funniest? Team Power Rangers TNC Most Intimidating To Do Battle With? Names don't intimidate me
  2. Eh, what are you on about. We've been winning alot of wars lately, some where post-off, some we didnt bother to post on TIF. Keep your trolls away from this topic, we're keeping it clean.' " If you dont have something good to say, simply dont say anything. " Sorry I meant beating a real clan, not w141 clans and events. And how is 26 a good pull out of your 90 man ml (counting inactives and retires cuz they can make wars as well). Time for a sweep broski. Anyways grats on the win, but I say TDD outperformed cuz you got to stay with all ur decent members when dropping and they didn't, yet you barely won...
  3. Downfall did amazing for only have 1 Warlord/Leader ON which was Amateurnoob. That's how bad Gladz performed in this war. I think if DF had all their Leaders on that fight you guys would of lost by a mile, now stop blaming your loss on a [cabbage] world that affected both clans.
  4. Well when DF won't fight us anywhere but CWA it is a bit larger than most other CWA fights :) Maybe if you weren't so desperate for a fight cuz you're still butthurt over the jcup and this loss maybe they will accept one. You have ask for a PvP fight in all of your posts on RSC, I think they get the point. PvP doesn't prove anything but who has higher opts of the end of a cap. Cwa is where you find out who has better organization and numbers mean nothing. Though since you can't compete with organization you want to take it to PvP where you go and outpull them and win by numbers. Grow up already and get over a stupid loss/draw w/e.
  5. Who the heck cares about a CWA fight, stop being little [cabbages] Gladz and get over yourself lmao.
  6. Depends at what time, Forsaken are never willing to step out of their timezone to fight anyone so I'll go with Forsaken due to timezone issues. Collision vs PH Uncapped All Styles
  7. No PK or anything after that waste of time and with a decent pull? Grats anyways.
  8. nice post count broski.
  9. Nice post count broseph, pretty sure DW was there acing the whole fight. Don't complain about crashers when you accept idiot DK members to your clan, you deserve to get sniped.
  10. Seems like Your trying to Take Away From our win noob xD Lolol Nope, It's only the truth though, They really dont take Cwa seriously, I was talking to there members :P Of course they would say that if they lose, they don' want to lose any e-rep. Pretty sure if the score was that close they took it serious, if not they would of just left and not bother tanking/eating/returning/spamming/leading at all.
  11. Downfall did well being outlvled. Looking at the pics, it was nearly even the whole fight. Downfall obviously outperformed
  12. Pretty sure they wrecked TKO in a Cwri before so yes they took it serious.
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