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  1. I use code::blocks as a c++ ide. I need to build my own IDE.
  2. I am 100% sure Runetek-5 engine is coded in Java/c++/assembler . What do you mean by "update"? Do you mean update as in upgrading new things, or do you mean it as in updating certain things in the game loop? Good luck on your project! I use LUA in my various projects, whether it be games or general applications.
  3. Would you say the 45 minute call was from a legit problem or complete incompetence of the customer? The customer had an issue where whoever initiated the customer's plan, they did three separate plans instead of a family. The customer support agent had to get in contact with tier 2 billing to get authorization to re-setup the customer's account. The authorization involved the agent walking the customer thorough faxing the required information to us to be processed. Yes it was a legit problem. The customer was on hold for maybe 45 seconds overall while the agent contacted the distributor.
  4. Today was my second day of training at a Verizon Wireless call center. I got to Y-jack and listen to other people handle calls for two hours. Calls ranged from two minutes to one which was 45 minutes long. It was interesting to see what happens behind the scenes. Now I understand why it takes Blizzard call centers a long time.
  5. Today was my first day of training for a Verizon Wireless call center. After some monotonous introductory material from the instructor, it got interesting. We got to tour the building and listener to current customer care consultant's calls. My instructor didn't listen to any of them ahead of time so it was interesting when the agent's call we listened to contained a lot of vulger terms. I look forward to after my six weeks of training when I can finally take calls. I have been practicing my intro so I will sound professional. You have to say "Welcome to Verizon Wireless, my name is ________. Can I get your first and last name?" when you first pick up the phone.
  6. Life is supposed to end in a year and 11 months, Why not live it up? :P Today I started working on a 2d game engine. My goal is to create a replica of "Zelda: A Link to the Past" in Java.
  7. Are you sure about that? I'm fairly certain the cost only changes depending on the top-level domain (.com, .com.au, .info etc etc) It depends on the company selling the domain.
  8. I have bought a couple of domains from Godaddy.com (nullbrain.com being my current active one). Basically you choose a domain and if it is available, you will be able to buy it. Some domains cost more based on key words in the domain name. Some sites sell domains for more, but offer services such as information protection, hosting, etc. Keep in mind, without information protection, anyone can access information about you such as your name and phone number by performing a whois lookup on your domain name. Typically when you choose a domain name you would use ".com" as an extension. The ".com" extension is the most known worldwide. Here is a site which explains more about domain names. Domain parking is mainly used to reserve domain names for later use or to prevent people from copying your website name. If I wanted to, I could reserve nullbrain.org, nullbrain.net, etc. Usually when you park a domain, you can specify if you want it to redirect to a specific URL or you can have it display a default page. I hope this helps with your questions.
  9. What on earth were you writing that took 900k lines of code? Between my main projects, it added up to over 900k lines of code. Sorry if my previous statement caused any confusion. Has anyone used Dropbox before? It looks like a good way to backup things. I have done some starter code to test a few things. In my main Server class, every time a connection request is made, the Server will check a list of Clients to see if the user is already authenticated with the server. I am working on a database class now which will handle pulling data from a MYSQL server. I am still deciding how exactly I will perform and test the mechanics of the server. I would pretty much have to have a game already made to do much of anything. I will probably throw a quick snake game together and use that to test things out. What I plan on doing is sending numerical codes which the client can translate into commands. For example, as a move command, the server would send "playername 001 3 4". The 001 would tell the clients NEAR location 3,4, that playername moved to x-value 3 and y-value 4 in the game. There is no need to tell players that aren't even near playername that it is there. When the client moves, it would send ("clientID authkey 001 3 4"). The server would check to make sure the authentication key was valid for the client id and broadcast the clients position to users near 3,4 that playername moved there. I am still brainstorming this. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to let me know.
  10. After a hard drive failure and losing over 900,000 lines of code (approximately), I have started on a new project. I am working on a basic mmo server in java. I will attempt to use DatagramPackets to communicate data between client and server. I am in the planning phase right now. I am planning out what will happen where and doing some pseudo-code.
  11. Have you thought about staying single? Dating isn't for everyone. I'm single and enjoy it very much. I hope whatever you decide to do works out.
  12. Over the past week I got 1-525 mining, levels 65-78 on an alt, made 4k gold for artisan riding, got all of my gear to within 5 levels of me, and did a ton of 70 raids. Tomorrow I hope to be 79-80. I have like 20 stacks of elementium to sell. I might make hardened elementium bars. I have 30ish volatile earth.
  13. I actually might start playing again if this happens. I miss those little 25-50k stakes which made me 5-10m a day.
  14. This looks pretty decent. I don't really do anything Runescape related anymore. I mainly code in Java/C or C++
  15. I plan on using this for RP games, but it all depends on the logic you use.
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