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  1. In my experience, I suggest buying Dell. Dell is the most durable computer.
  2. I have been using Toshiba Satellite C40D-A105 for 2 months. it works well if you don't work too much with graphic design or architecture!
  3. I think it's awesome, but I suggest using AMD for CPU.
  4. Happy birthday! :D

  5. PaoZ

    Two Questions

    1) no problem. 2) you can.
  6. And the name of person is different each time.
  7. Sometimes there is a name of person I didn't add on the friend list. At first I think someone logged in to my acc but last logged in is my ip. It happen many times. I have changed password every time after I encountered this problem. But I sometimes have the problem. Can anyone answer me about this problem?
  8. http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=monster_hunting.htm
  9. craft gold amulet is the better way.
  10. P2P or F2P? P2P=Blue Dragons,Green Dragons F2P=Giant Spider.
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