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  1. I can't wait for this update, the icons will be extremely useful especially for dungeoneering, and the the ability to see your hits from the crowd has been suggested for years now. This new look does however give the game more of a cartoony feel, but i'll get used to it just like I have with every other update so I won't complain. I agree, I would hate this...What the hell would be the point of this anyway? I mean everyone knows when you eat a shark it heals 200 lp...
  2. Thanks for the posts guys, I was thinking the Asus as well since its the newer of the three. By the way the LG does have an hdmi port.
  3. Ok so i', in the market for a new monitor, I have 3 in mind. SAMSUNG P2770H 27" ASUS VE276Q Black 27" LG W2753V-PF Black 27" I will primarily be using for computer and Xbox 360, occasionally movies. Which one should I get?
  4. Lmao Time to get trashed out of our minds.
  5. I don't know how you do it, but I like it :thumbup:
  6. Dps of rapier is 15% more than long. Where did this come from...?
  7. Since when does stating your views on a topic, in a thread about that topic, classify you as a troll? Where's your evidence btw? Don't accuse me of not having any when you don't have yourself.
  8. Math can't really apply because we don't have an accurate accuracy formula. Your sarcasm over the internet is hilarious.
  9. All that mathematical crap doesn't mean [cabbage], stop bringing it up, you always bring it up in this topic, listen to me loud and clear, the "math" you use is incorrect because of the accuracy formula. So no, you can't prove it's better.
  10. I see you're close to getting your weapon there as well :thumbup: Really don't have to own one myself to be honest. I go against them alot, I beat out a rapier at kbd consistently using my ZS, both of us using overloads, turmoil, and bandos. I have experience with them even though I don't own them. The problem with this discussion is whoever gets what is so defensive about that choice because they spent so long getting it, they would hate to have it be a waste.
  11. To many rapier fan boys here, don't even understand whats going on.
  12. Long, rapier is pretty terrible.
  13. Brute Force method for Celtic knot puzzles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iexw6CPG59o
  14. Crashing is fun and more efficient. I agree that since I am superior I will crash you, for it's your own fault. Just my point of view, and to everyone else, you guys will understand where we "crashers" come from once you get to this same point. Crashing is a way to put your work and energy into something useful and worthwhile.
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