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  1. Finally! Been here for 7-8 days, and finally got the D Pick! I only killed Chaos Dwarf/Handcannoneers, but then I decided to kill the Dwogres... And got one after like 5 kills. :unsure: My best drop ever so far, lol.
  2. I started playing in 2004, but didn't get membership before summer 2010. I took many breaks, but since I got my membership I has played frequently. I was so excited. I remember the first time I got my membership, I was in Lumbridge Castle and shouted: "W000t, I'm finally a member!". Tbh, I didn't know what to start with, because a member have so much to do! I started by checking my bankspace, take out my Falador runes, and teleport to Falador. Then I did the quests Wolf Whistle and Druidic Ritual. I remember first time training Agility at Gnome Stronghold. It was really fun to feel like a noob again. At 22th June I have been member for 1 year. First time I got member I Screenshot my skills, so 22th June 2011 I'm gonna Screenshot my skills again and look what I've achieved in 1 year. :-P Same here! When I first trained slayer I got bears as my slayer task. I was assigned by the Slayer master in Canifis though. I had ever dreamed about training Slayer because I have always thought that skill seemed so exciting! Sorry for bad spelling and grammar...
  3. My first quest after I got Quest Cape for the first time. I usually use guides from tip.it, but I decided to try without guide this time (because I wouldn't wait until tip.it release a guide). This quest was surprisingly short, but I enjoyed it. WARNING: Spoiler. Don't click if you don't want to know what the reward is if you think it will destroy the excitement ;)
  4. ^ I completed WGS and claimed my Quest Cape yesterday. WGS was not that hard, but very long, BUT a very funny quest! :) So you have much to look forward too. Congratz in advance with the Quest Cape! :-D
  5. I think this quest was a little bit difficult, but very very enjoyable! 15 quests to go! :thumbsup:
  6. So... Long... Hard... Annoying... But still an enjoyable quest!
  7. ^ Yes I have. But I just loved RFD. Looking forward to some more questing, and eventually claim my Quest Cape. :shades:
  8. This quest was so damn funny! Probably the funniest quest I've ever done. :)
  9. OMFG! After 478392916728201 tries (with 3 mill loss), I finally managed to beat that... ARRRH! Yes, you know... On one of my last hits before he died, my lp fell to 1, so I was a "little bit" lucky there. But I had a lots of accidents, so I needed some luck for once. R.I.H, Nomad! :evil:
  10. Not the hardest skill to get to 99, but I don't care. Finally trimmed my Fletching cape. :)
  11. Yes, I thought about that too, but I'm poor as h***. <_<
  12. Wow, finally finished this quest. The boss was so damn hard imo. Had to be so concentrated. Took me 6 times or something like that to beat the Dagannoth Mother. Didn't bring a familar the first five times. I found out it was a bad decision, because when I brang a familar the 6th times, the boss was not THAT hard. And I have passed QP 250 milestone. Ring of Life saved me twice, btw. Then I got this: Reached from 78-80 Defence, and CB 111. and: I really enjoy questing. Next on my list are Defender of Varrock and My Arms Big Adventure. After that: Nomad's Requiem. :ohnoes:
  13. Yay, looking forward to the Slayer Master from Ancient Cavern. \:D/ ...and then I have all skill reqs for all quests. Will start my road for the quest cape now. Want that cape so badly! Currently on 234 QP's. :)
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