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  1. Thanks for the double Dung-exp weekend for keeping me motivated.
  2. Finally 80 in the skill I hate most, lol. Still need 180k exp till Chaotic, though. So I just ask before I go to bed: What Chaotic should I buy? I rarely go boss hunting, and I never PK. I do Slayer most of the time. And what cause the picture to be so small?
  3. Click the picture to see it. Only me who has problems with Tinypic?
  4. I really enjoy watching the rages at a botting-site-that-cannot-be-named. <3:
  5. Thank you for the tip! Know any Dung-clan running?
  6. Bonus pengs isn't before tomorrow, right?
  7. They said in the update that this will take some minutes. Be patient and read the news. And be happy that they actually try to do something.
  8. Hello, TIP.it'ers! I'm looking for a dung-team with 5 people - med/large dungs. I use to rush floor 1-28. Your CB level have to be between 100-120. My current goal is 80 for the 80s cape. Dungeoneering level 70 at the moment. No quitters or ragers. Show respect and be nice to each other. Feel free to contact me in-game! In-game name: 2004-2007. Also sorry if I gave little details, my first time making thread here, but feel free to ask me about anything. :)
  9. Another 80 down! 5 to go. Gonna get Dung next, which will take forever. Especially how much I sck in that skill. :P
  10. Another 80 down, and 120 CB milestone. Feel free to PM me in-game if you want to duo/trio with [email protected] I have never been there before, so it might get wrong the first time. :P
  11. Please vote for... [hide]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkfVdrtLcRs[/hide]
  12. I post this because I'm bored. Sooo... Blood Runes good exp/money?
  13. On my 3rd try, I finally beat him! :) On first try I ran out of brews, and on the 2nd I lagged. So I did him with lowest details. You learn by your errors. ;) Wasn't that hard tbh, if you're fully concentrated.
  14. Everyone who are gonna post the reward for the new quest, please hide your post. I'm not wannabe mod, just hate spoilers (although I successfully avoided the spoilers). :razz: But I'm looking forward for the quest, and get my quest cape back! No unspam, sorry.
  15. Chop, chop, chop. (Yeah, I've heard you guys like random pictures).
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