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  1. I'm going for the Quest Cape (234 QP currently). But first Im gonna get all the req skills. I need only to get Prayer from 62-70 and 49-65 Summoning to get all the reqs for QC. It's not easy to get these skills to 70 and 65 because it's so damn expensive (for a poor guy like me). So to get these money, I did Slayer (my fav skill), in hope to get something good. No luck, damn! -.- (Well, I never get something good). Many monster kills with less loot. But then BAM! Free 5 mill! :thumbsup: (Yes, it's much for me, as I said, I'm poor). Now I eventually have enough money to get 70 Prayer and 65 Summoning and start my road to the Quest Cape that I want so badly! Tbh, with my first look, I thought it was a Raw Lobster-drop (it's late night and I'm tired). :rolleyes:
  2. I'm going to get all skill reqs for all quests. I want that Quest Cape so badly. Now I need to train from 62-70 Crafting, 61-65 Herb, 49-55 Summoning, 67-70 Thieving, 61-70 Prayer, 70-71 Firemaking, 63-65 Farming, 76-78 Attack and 37-50 Dungeoneering for the upcoming quest. :) I have currently 230/315 quest points
  3. PLEASE no ME3. This took like 3-4 hours to be finished with. But I have to say, I'm happy now!
  4. Then I'm ready for ME2... I think... (Not) looking forward to that quest tbh. :ohnoes:
  5. Just got this: And this: Still need 110 combat for new Slayer Master, though. Only got 104 cb. :-(
  6. Not the hardest or slowest skill to get to 99 but: Finally, my very first skillcape! :thumbsup:
  7. [spoiler=Some Fletchings-pics] Now I need only one more till my first skillcape ever, and I have played since 2004, lol. (But I have taken many pauses and didn't get member until summer holiday last year.) :rolleyes:
  8. 4 levels till my first skillcape ever. This skill begins to get boring tbh...
  9. A little milestone... Then... And... A very funny quest! I have waited so long to be finished with "Desert Treasure" so I finally can use the Ancient Magicks. It took me hours to be finished with this quest. I'm so happy right now! :thumbsup: Time to train Magic again! Lunar Diplomacy next?
  10. My first clue for a while, and my first clue after the free trade/Wildy update. What a good start! :)
  11. Very nice and congratz! Do you use to be in the cc "Norge"? Someone in that CC said that he should get 99 att, str and def at the same time so I just wonder. :-D Unspam: A fun quest day. Did these quests today include "The Hand in the Sand". The current goal was 200 QP so I finally could block Steel Dragons. I have done quests the few past days. Got 170-200 qp in 3-4 days. Now getting back to Slayer. :smile:
  12. First D-drop :smile: Not worth as much I thought. Oh well...
  13. I was training Herblore at GE in w 59. Then some people just began to mage each other. Everybody was just like "WTF is going on", "what is happening" etc. Some of them who was fighting died and got a gravestone. This is not a PK world. Anyone knows what's happening?
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