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  1. Nice bug. I can't water my plants with my awesome Magic Watering Can, so I tried with a normal can. Tried to fill it, but it says I don't have the "ingredient" in the inventory, which is the watering can. You can clearly see it's in my inventory. There goes my daily. :(
  2. I was 98 WC for almost a year. Not the hardest 99 skill, but oh well. :P
  3. Levelled at the same time ^^ Finally 95 Prayer! Which also led to:
  4. 90 Runecrafting and 2200 total! Also finally enough for 95 Prayer, so that will be my next goal.
  5. How much exp per hour is Jadinko Lair with this? (Firemaking ofc.)
  6. First: Then few minutes later: 1 more level till Adze. Wouldn't even level my Woodcutting-skill, lol.
  7. 80-90 fishing or something like that. Dw, I only did this when I watched movies and stuff. :P
  8. Hi. :) Add "New Scape" if you wanna go PvM with me. Be aware that I've not PvM'ed that much before, so I'm not an expert, but I've found it really interesting in the past, and I've learned alot from different guides. I have found GWD really interesting and I would really be glad to go there with you. I DON'T have Turmoil, Overloads and all that stuff, but I'm working with that, and hopefully get money for that with some PvM'ing. So if you're friendly, what you say you are, and do things like bless my grave if I should die (as I do when someone dies), feel free to add me in-game. ;) My Combat level is 123 (114+9). I will add you next time I log on, if you want to do some PvM-ing, and are a trustworthy and kind person :) Cheers!
  9. Gonna get Crafting from 76-80 now, then do Summoning from 70-80. Then I will have all skills 80+ <3:
  10. Wow! I really was so sure that I would get Ranged boots from this clue. In the whole clue I though to myself "this has to be ranged boots". I've done thousands of clues, and 90% of them is crap. This is my second boots btw, I got the first for a very long time ago. They was around 30 mill for not long time ago if I'm right. Should I sell or keep? They're 14 mill now. Not that much compared to last time I looked up their price but I'm still okay with this. :)
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlfMI5Sbhrc&feature=feedlik Truly epic.
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