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  1. Crafting double nature runes via abyssal for 1m+/h which was extremely fast money
  2. They should have kept initiate as it was, greyish/gold.
  3. Inactive players shouldn't be removed, legends of runescape must remain there forever.
  4. With current price of pure ess.. Not gonna work. But maybe return of bots and gold farmers will bring it down.. Here's a pic I once made when I tried to advertise FFL to my friend.. :lol: 16.04.2006
  5. Finally reached level 80 in all stats! :thumbsup: dung is so crap skill i failed the pic :wall: [spoiler=My journey] [/img]
  6. I was looting zombie jars for monkey skull but got kinda frustrated so bought 1 and only kingly jar. Ta-da! :P
  7. 10 seconds after i logged in, some vicious group arrived to the edgeville... very random
  8. Only 1 which is pretty much similar. Didn't take pic of admin controls, dunno why.... :(
  9. Getting some bots stuck with new method, cannon isn't working anymore that well. Even lvl 138 with summoning cape botting there.
  10. 25.4.2006: Something happened on rsof and everyone became a Jagex Mod (only on forums). This occured only for 15 minutes or so until the forums were closed. I personally witnessed this and even used the admin controls. I were able to search all players and see their ban history (Of course I searched Zezima etc lol). Also Jagex used some Bad chi/Good chi-thingy to give player reputation. Can't remember much anymore.. Anyway here's the pic:
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