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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. [spoiler=With Familiar] that doesnt look like multi-wildy to me
  3. My friend says that your summoning level determines your combat level in multi wildy and dueling. Is this correct?
  4. Dont get gravite weapons to train, use them to pk, as they cost money to recharge, making them inefficient. +2h's suck for training anyways.
  5. Superheating addy bars gives you profit per bar, but the fastest way is the best plate you can get. Addy/mithril is recommended heavily over rune.
  6. Leximunium


    Pures are awesome because people underestimate low levels. You see a 138 and what do you think? Pro veteran with tons of money and skills to match. But you see a level 80? A noob, barely any money, low skills. But when that level 80 is 99 of nearly every combat skill, you think differently. There also fun to stake with.
  7. It still makes 4m p/hr+, what else rivals that? What monster yields 4m p/hr? DKs maybe, with a yak. Nothing else I can think of comes close. Frost dragons.
  8. Time to make a pure and prepare to transfer all my money....loljagex. (said in future tense) I Dont see how this will help the standard population at all, and I like the min/max price of the ge, it tells what their selling for. It was a true economy where nothing was over or underpriced, and you can't scam the GE, unlike normal players. Now come the gold trimming/fake rare item(spinach roll) scamming, which is to bad. I was starting to like rs again, but now it's gonna be filled with scammers and botters, now that money can be exchaned freely. GG yew/flax spots.
  9. 45 defense is indeed the lowest, its basically a zerker/turm pure.
  10. oh wait, I'm sorry, I didn't realize that being a derp imbued you with a natural -30 prayer bonus. I feel bad for you. but seriously you shouldn't be spawning high lvl merc leaders if you're not 99 atk/str/def/hp. and if you are, you have probably were a member at some point, so why the hell are you in f2p. and if prayer is a problem, pray flash the mage when you're done safespotting. Its not the levels, its the low level equipment in f2p. Use a primal 2h, than switch to a fractite 2h, you will see a huge difference.
  11. 1 v 11 combat training son, ~get on my level~
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