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  1. What tics me off is ppl asking me for money or if they can have things for free. I worked hard to get my stuff and I do not appreciate someone calling me a noob when I do not want to give them something or talk to them. I do not like ppl opening gates if they saw me lock it. I hate that ppl stand by doors and deliberately play lock me out because they thought it was funny or so call trying to see if Im a bot. That really gets on my nerves. Lol, feel better now after the rant.
  2. Why would you do protect from melee? It sure as hell isn't going to help haha So no one rushes you with claws after you're low health. This. I want a Dark bow. Shooting 2 arrows off my bow would be kinda cool .. Dragonfire shield would be cool.. If bearded dragons can charge it for me.. Rewpawning would be great too. XD i dident think about respwaning on death, thats a good one! haveing luner mage would be fun, i could drink some poison and just cast cure me and freak people out :thumbsup: would also be fun to tely others and freak them out even more. I would not want the ability to respawn after death. DO you know how many ppl would want that!! At the rate of virth and no one dying then the planet is going to be a lot smaller. I would want the teleports though because it would be easier on everyone. I would want the houses that never run out of anything. That would be cool because I would never run out of food for my fridge.
  3. I know a few from personal experience. I have always tried to have names that were different but would not sound too funny if it was a real name. It to me makes my char more of a real person. The names I have went by were Yorata, Zomars, Syrandine, and Zomaryania to name a few.
  4. I would live with the tree gnomes. I have always love playing in treehouses. If I cannot live there then I would take a nice cottage in Camelot because everything will be at my fingertips.
  5. I love how you can instantly own your own home and build it from stratch. I think that the teleporting and how making money is cool. I believe that no one will be hungry and that children will be taken care by clans or kind hearted monsters, lol. But dying and keep coming back is going to be bad sense more people will be born.
  6. I think the best for me was when I was first starting out and decided to take on different dragons. The first few dragons that I went to all dropped clue scrolls which gave me the weapons and armor that I still ahve today. That was the best lucky streak that I ever had. I wish that I could get that luck back,lol.
  7. I think that I would fix up my house so that means lvling construction. I would then go to herb, fletching, and invest in items that I could resell to make even more money. I would like to keep money just in case I die or something happens.
  8. That was a great read. i had no idea just how much went into runescape. I have been playing for a few years and time flys by when playing. I have enjoyed some updates and was disapoointed with others but never have I stop playing. Thank you for letting me take a trip down memory lane.
  9. I just want to let every1 know that I appreciate all that have helped me. This was very frustrating and hopefully if another clue fest comes it will be better than this. :rolleyes: :thumbsup: :shades: Again thank you all
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