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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Mining, getting 99 may not be usefull, but it can earn you lots of cash during the journey there. :thumbsup:
  3. From what iv'e heard people say, I think ill keep the money and maybe save it for later, might go for 91 Construction and use effigies to get it higher. Thanks all for your input. :)
  4. I dont have a driving need, I just feel like having an 'expensive' skill 70 + :shades: Its just with the money I got at the moment those are the highest I can get them to.
  5. Green D'hide if you have the money, Coifs if you don't. Good Luck getting it up :^_^:
  6. I currently have the money for rather 73 Smithing or 70 Herblore. I cannot decide witch one would be better to get. WHat do you think and why? Thanks! :mrgreen:
  7. 77-99 Mining is hard. 70-77 is harder ;)

  8. Back in my day, we didnt has the Ge :cry:
  9. Tezz! :-o Telomarques or No Excuses or X Harnas X, Their all got 120 so its possible. Yet again, someone new could take the hounour ;)
  10. I use to have it on. But eventually I got random messages from random people asking for effigy assistance. :blink: So now its on Friends.
  11. Fishing Cape <3: Although in my opinion the Constitutuion cape looks better, Fishing is less common. In other words: You want to look better Hp. You want more respect Fishing. Just my opinion though. :)
  12. As far as drops go, the last good one I got was a Dragon Chain from Dust Devils. :) Although....December last year I got a Disk of Returning from a party in the Falador Party Room :-o Along with my Fishing money and my Woodcutting money (also completely liquifying my bank), I was able to get myslef a Red Party Hat :thumbsup:
  13. Defence <3: Only if i hadnt sold my whip for 80 Construction :wall:
  14. Construction all the way! :thumbsup:
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