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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. To be honest dude, I would sell them slowly and wait until they begin to rise. So like sell in 50k bundles once a week or something. Because otherwise, you might seriously crash your own nats.
  3. No shave November is a non-existant dream for blonde people. By the time the hair is actually long enough that people can see it (on ones skin), the month usually has ended which ends said none hair removing action. So as a blonde person I gave up.
  4. To be honest, it's not all about the experience. It is about the time it takes to finish a dungeon. With lower total average combat, the monsters are far less combat. So it just makes it faster to do guardian rooms and such.
  5. To be honest, the term "noob" if used, truely, signifies a "noob". It is like someone stated earlierm the equivalent of a grown, mature (or maybe not mature) adult calling another adult a "doodoo head". It is essentially, purely childish and completely useless as a self-esteem negator.
  6. This dear sir is true. OBVIOUS TROLLS ARE OBVIOUS.
  7. This is true, there are far to many leechers, and I am not excusing this fact. I don't know how Jagex could fix this without completely negating the ability for Skillers to get EXP in dungeons.. Soo.. :mellow: Also another thing, just because a skiller may want to skill does not mean that the resources are actually in the dungeon. And on top of that, alot of combaters "rush" dungeons and usually they don't clear rooms with resources (rocks, fishing spots, trees, etc.) anyways.. I personally (i'm a low leveled pure) ye'll out at the beginning of the dungeon "Please clear rooms with resources." so that I can actually help. Sad to see there's no mention of actual skillers who do not afk. They do exist. One person? Heh. That's just pitiful in terms of active group effort. But when the payoff is an elimination of the penalty, of course the lot of you can shrug it off. Oh, and don't forget to mention the ones that multi-log, or end up botting the leecher account after they get 90+ dg. There's also the arrogance of leechers who go from f2p to p2p dging that comes from thinking they're elite. But hey, this is the gameplay style you chose, so enjoy it. Then you haven't yet experienced real pures who actually know how to pk playing around in dg. They rarely, if ever, die. And they're bloody fast as well. Then again, they're a rare breed. The other two statements -- on food and ragequitting -- are true of all combat levels. Helpfulness is subjective. We understand this very well. From our viewpoint, it's simply boring to keep fighting level 30-50 monsters, the risk becomes negligible and the grind becomes noticeable. For my part I've had any number of p2p friends come along and laugh at how ridiculously easy it gets with the 2 126 and 3 leecher setup. Your brethren from w61 have already labeled it as trash, thanks. Logic from the viewpoint of someone who desires the most exp they can get out of their time and nothing else. I used to play this way a long time ago - but now my way of playing is different from yours, so we'll inevitably end up in conflict. Go your way in peace, and I'll go mine. Nice points. Read what I said above. Might clarify some things.
  8. OKeyyy.. If you guys actually new what W61 was about, you'd probably not be looking like complete [developmentally delayed] idiots right now. First, yes there are leechers. Second, these "leechers" could be in one of two groups: Group A (just sits in home base and afk's) and Group B (afk's sometimes, but also helps abit). Nowww for some statistics. For every 2 combaters there are approximatively 4-5 skillers on W61. Now out of those 5 skillers, 1-2 of them will be within Group B (see above for explanation) where as the other 3 (or 4) will be in Group A. That means that for every dungeon a team has atleast one person (90% of the time) that will actually do something (mine, smith, runecraft, fish, etc.). Now if we take a look at you guys's so called "low level dungeoneerers" we will notice considerable differences. First, for EVERY 5 skillers, there is .6 of a "low level dungeoneerer" (so a little more than half of one.). So pretty much for every 10 there are maybe 2 of said "combaters". Another thing is these combater usually try to "help" but in the end they either die, use up the food, or rage-quit (90% of the time). So adding those two factors together, you get mid-level combaters to become a waste of time because they actually do more hurt than help. One last issue, I do not know if you guys understand this, BUT when there is a team (this would be idle) 2 maxed combaters (126 f2p) and 3 skillers you get the ultimate scenario. Because of those 3 skillers the total combat adverage is lowered significantly. Do you know what this means? This means that all of monsters inside of the dungeon's combat levels have lowered. The boss's combat level lowers and so on. So bringing skillers along ALSO makes the dungeon go more quickly which results in more EXP/HR. IN conclusion, it just seems more logical to take skillers with you when dungeoneering on W61. P.S. Don't give me any [cabbage] about W7. P.P.S. Don't get me wrong, you can bring friends and stuff, but with this type of matchmaking it is unlogical to bring mid-combaters.
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