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  1. There are no girls on the internet.
  2. i think you should start playing again. but this time, actually force yourself to get off after like 6 hrs/day. =)

  3. Eh, i guess still follow a few rs trends like the highscores sometimes. They're still interesting to watch.

  4. i see you've quit runescape to become somewhat of a commentator


  6. Never regret anything, because at one time, it was exactly what you wanted.

    Not my own words but felt its worth posting.

  7. eh, lol thanks

  8. Happy birthday :D

  9. It doesn't matter the xp/h because you will NOT waste time training those skills. It's stupid turning a infinite xp rate in 1000k (where you got the 1000k btw?). You're telling people this and you're not even 1800 total, good one. Yes because you need to be max total/high-leveled to think logically. Owait.
  10. My mouse jumps twice. eg. When you have acceleration on max and speed on max, it's supposed to jump from x location to x + 100 pixels in one action. In my case, it jump from x to x+50 then from x+50 to x+100, ie. 2 jumps. The problem is i have to wait for the cursor to reach the final destination before i can left or right click. If i don't wait i may mis time it and it wont be on drop or whatever option im doing. I've tried it with the notifaction on and off and it's the same. Aero is on. Is your windows update on by anychance? I swear it happened after a few windows updates. Yeah i always have windows update on, if you think it is because of this, it would help if remember when exactly started to happen and possibly use system restore or roll back a some updates. I'm quite clueless about this tbh.
  11. Never heard of this issue before, but I've had windows 7 64-bit for over a year and I've been using mousekeys for well over a year too, no problems whatsoever. Do you think you can give more detail to the problem? A variety of mousekeys problems that some of my friends have had are caused by having the mousekeys icon displayed on the notificaton area on their taskbar, i don't know why this causes a problem, but when they chose the option to hide it, problems such as the display going blank after using it for too long no longer occurs. Another cause of the problem might be display aero effects on windows, are these turned on? Having them turned off has an effect on mousekeys and their jump is made shorter than usual. Its best to keep it on. I don't know if i've helped much but thats all i can input or now.
  12. this is an outrage, no option for fishing :o Edit: nevermind lol, read above.
  13. i hope soloing gets improved rates with dg update.
  14. What were you watching you YouTube :blink: rofl
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