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  1. I can't address everything you wrote, but the "top-heavy" problem is a good point I had not quite realized before. Although it is easy to dismiss this idea by claiming that full rune is under 150k, and food is extremely cheap or easy to obtain-how does one go about making their first 150k? I remember that after having some experience, I fished anchovies/shrimp for 100k on my level 3 account, primarily for the fishing xp, not money...it took a few hours to make 100k. (This was during the period when there was not free trade, so that the prices had not gone to zero yet.) From 100k+ it was very easy via merchanting, but how much success will a new player have with that?
  2. So it looks like we have a consensus on the fact that the time to complete a dungeon is irrelevant (which is what I will assume henceforth...). I would like to share an observation with you now: I have completed floors 12-14 two times now, both 5:5s with different average combats the two times. When I took theratio of the "Floor" total to the "Prestige" total I got: .1512 and .1512 (floor 12) .1701 and .1701 (floor 13) .1902 and .1903 (floor 14)- roundoff error. Basically, they are all the same! What I would like you to do is (if you have Prestige 35), note down the ratio of "Flooor" to "Prestige," and see if it is the same as mine-or perhaps if it depends on other factors.
  3. This seems to be not-quite-correct :S. I tried F4 on my second account (with Prestige 4), and got 272 for both "Prestige 4" and "Floor 4." Then, I did F5, increasing my Prestige to 5. I re-did 4, and got 276 for "Floor 4" (and 0 for "Prestige 5", of course), 4 higher than the previous time. Everything was the same (and the dungeons were finished completely) except for the xp. Yeah, that claim isn't true. The simple fact that prestige XP increases slightly as you go up in floor-number invalidates it. Still, your observation is very odd. I did a floor today with three other people, and between the four of us we all had different prestige values. Yet all of our floor XP rewards were identical. We also had different combat levels, so if anything, only the group's average combat level seems to matter. Your floor XP rewards were identical, but your prestige values differed? That seems to confirm that combat level relative to your group's average influences this base, in addition to your combat level and the group's combat level itself. That's interesting. I'm assuming you cleared both floors under the same coniditions (both solo?, same phase of the moon, etc.). If you did, are you sure the other time was not 14 out of 16 (which I presume you are from "boxing it in" to its 4x4 grid? And if you're sure of that, I'm going to have to buy a better thinking cap >:).
  4. That's a good idea. I'll calculate that from now on. If I were a jmod, I would suggest this idea to my boss. However, I kind of doubt the dependence on the type of rooms, simply because I have done floors in a row and gotten Prestige totals that were pretty much the same (see the posts above), as well as someone else who was posted above. And wouldn't it be strange to make the xp depend on the type of rooms, but not the total number? My (current) theory is that the number and type of rooms are irrelevant to xp and just generated no less randomly than the shape and color of the keys lying on the ground... This seems to be not-quite-correct :S. I tried F4 on my second account (with Prestige 4), and got 272 for both "Prestige 4" and "Floor 4." Then, I did F5, increasing my Prestige to 5. I re-did 4, and got 276 for "Floor 4" (and 0 for "Prestige 5", of course), 4 higher than the previous time. Everything was the same (and the dungeons were finished completely) except for the xp. Even more surprisingly, I redid f4 on my main, which has Prestige 35, and got a miserable 112 for "Floor 4", and you don't have to be a math genius to realize that this is less than half of 272. Why could this be? Does XP depend upon combat level in addition to the penalty?
  5. Thank you for the info. I have been getting the same kind of results with Prestige 35: Fl Size Fl base Pres base 13 Small 1568 9218 14 Small 1759 9248 15 Small 1965 9277 At first I thought there might have been a small "bonus" for completing floors in a row-but it can't be since we regrouped after 13 (with the same party, someone accidentally logged).
  6. I believe so, yes. In the meantime, I've been scribbling down some numbers. I've cleared floor 29 two times. One time I cleared 12 out of 12 rooms, and the next time I cleared 14 out of 14 - both times I got the same amount of floor XP. Now to find out how the ratio works. It might be possible that it simply considers the amount of rooms you've missed, in which case 11 out of 12 rooms would award the same XP as 13 out of 14. It that combat level modifier in addition to the 50% cut you get on F2P if you're over level 90 (my link, what link? :S)? Seems a bit unfair to grant lower levels more XP simply because the dungeon 'is harder' for them, since they're also contributing less than higher level players... It does seem unfair, but the bottom line is that the level 3s in the 5:5 party get (slightly) more xp, whether we like it or not :S, and I don't know why... Does it seem suspicious that the quotient in xp between the level 3 and the other person in this link: http://peacefull.rsbandb.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=18119 is 1.0398... (almost exactly 4% more).
  7. Well, the link between 'floor XP' and 'prestige XP' is simple enough. If you clear, say, floor 35 while having 35 prestige, both values will be equal. So the XP value for 'prestige X' is equal to the amount of floor XP you'd have gotten had you cleared floor X just then. So (just for clarity), you are saying if I clear floor 20, no matter what my prestige is, the "floor" base xp will be the same as the "Prestige 20" base xp (if I had just done floor 20 with prestige 20)?
  8. This is when you are in a party, right? Also this seems to suggest that Jagex gives them more xp, because the dungeon was harder for you than for the players with higher combat levels.
  9. Yes, my recent dungeoneering expeditions have confirmed that it is not the total number of rooms but perhaps the fraction or number left unopened. Thanks. Also, the xp seems to either depend on your combat level, how far away you are from the average combat level of your party, and (possibly?) what that average value of combat is??
  10. The lower floors are lower xp, but they are easier and faster.
  11. Well there are still some formulas that still need to be cracked or might have only recently been cracked. So I wouldn't be so quick to put it down. Care to give an example? I can't think of any undiscovered formulas to date. That was published by the New York Times in a 1920 editorial. It took 49 years for them to retract the error. So don't tell me it's impossible or this or that. Jagex must be determining our xp by some formula, and if you don't want to help, there is no need to post here.
  12. That does help a bit. Thanks! :D. Also remember, all large dungeons are not equal. Maybe one had more TOTAL ROOMS than the other? I have also determined that prestige DOES NOT depend on the following: -Level mod -Deaths -Party position (there are people who believe it does!)
  13. Hi. I am an f2p player with an ambitious goal: to derive the formula for dungeoneering "Prestige" and "floor" base totals at the end of a dungeon. But I need help-primarily with collecting the data. If you would like to help, here are the requirements: -Must be f2p with 90+ cmb and do 5:5 dgs with 3 skillers. -Must have 35 prestige. If you have both of those crudentials, and complete a floor, please write down or screenshot it, and post the following WHEN A DUNGEON IS COMPLETED 100% (you have to unlock every room, but there is no need to clear it): -Prestige base total -Floor base total -Size of dungeon -Floor (of course) -Total number of rooms Your combat level Avg party combat level If I am successful in finding a formula, I will of course include your name.
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