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  1. I googled for Frost Dragon bots to see how they reacted. This is a post from the developer of one of the bots, completely unedited. If posting this is against the rules (my interpretion of the rules is that it isn't; if a moderator disagrees, feel free to delete). Not sure whether this is true or not, but judging from the replies to the thread it does work. [....]
  2. Hello, I read in a thread on the RSF that you can delay wine from fermenting, and therefore use various exp bonuses (BXP, Brawling gloves etc) to get huge amounts of experience at the same time. How do I do this, if at all possible? Also, can you make them ferment all at once, and if so, will all of them receive the boost from Brawlers or will only 1109 of them get the bonus? Thanks, Envisionise
  3. If anyone with 85 dung is going to check what they did, feel free to share. Just saying.
  4. http://www.tip.it/runescape/index.php?rs2item_id=10464
  5. No. I constantly buy & later sell my bandos once I have enough cash to get a skill up (for example, prayer or herblore) and that would make that impossible. Also, if everyone who ever bought a bcp would never need to rebuy one, the demand would go down. I'd say atleast 50% of the people getting a bcp have had one previously.
  6. You might want to consider gold bracelets. Around 35-40k xp/h and you make 100-150k per hour.
  7. Was I very lucky when I got two zamorak pages in my first 200 Vyrewatches cremated?
  8. Oh yes, I did not think of that. Thank you. :P
  9. Thank you for all your answers. So far I have gotten Elite top and Elite robebottom and almost got the hat again. I am going to time wether Bandos or Elite void is better once I have it. I do not intend to train at this spot till 99, I just want 90 attack and defence. And yes I am going for a rapier aswell. :) Are you guys sure it isn't better to replace the top or legs for bandos armour instead of the gloves for barrowgloves?
  10. Hello, So, I recently decided to get my melee stats up and I found a trainingspot that I am happy with. Here I need both prayerbonus and attack/strength bonuses but obviously no defence bonuses as I am praying. Therefore, I was considering getting Elite Void Knight Melee armour (I already did The Void Stares Back and have the torso + 50 seal.. I lost all the other Void parts though.) but I am not sure wether it is better than full bandos as I only ever had Void Ranged. Of course, this is differnet depending on your stats, so here is a picture: <-------- For some reason they wouldn't let me use .png or .jpg pictures so I added a link instead So, what would be better for this kind of training? Thanks in advance, EnterComatose
  11. While Godswords aren't that expensive and doesn't have any high requirements, atleast one of them should in my opinion be considered high level gear. That one is, of course, the Saradomin Godsword, cause of it's wonderful special attack, Healing Blade. Can inflict up to 10% max hit damage and restores half of this damage to your lifepoints, and a small percentage to your Prayer. You will receive a minimum of 100 life points and 5 Prayer. It also drains only 50% of your special attack bar. Remember, all high levels does not PK/Bosshunt, but instead they prefer Slayer or killing monsters for money or charms. The discussion of Enhanced Excalibur (400LP one) vs Saradomin Godsword is a topic up for discussion, but in my opinin the SGS is better most of the time at 99 attack and strength.
  12. Thanks for your answers guys. :)
  13. Hey guys, First of, I'm new here, so I just want to say Hi to everyone. Secondly, I currently have an account with 94 Ranged and 70 defence, and I was thinking of what would make a better PKer. Making it a rangetank, which it was intended to be in the beginning with the following stats: Combat 104 99 Ranged 99 Defence 99 Magic 99 Hp 52 Prayer Or to make it a hybrid with the following stats: Combat 105 99 Ranged 70 Defence 99 Magic 99 Hp 70 Prayer 99 Strength 70 Attack I have access to Dark Bow and Dragonfire bolts. I also have access to Dragon Claws. As I have never PK'd before, I'd like to ask some of you guys what you think would be the most effective. Thanks, EnterComatose
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