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  1. I prefer to just do Rex + Prime with telegrab until they revert this update. Btw does a ring of wealth really help at dks?
  2. I currently have my interface setup like this and have quick-saved it as my custom 1. Now everytime I re-open Rs the screen and interface sizes mess up and I then have to resize everything. Now I wonder if there is way to not let this happen. Hope you guys can help. This is what my interface looks like:
  3. So it's best to just melee my tasks now? Also, how do you get rid of the little pop-up with monster weakness, hp etc?
  4. Hi guys, I just came back after a break of 2.5 months and started doing an abyssal demons task with t70 wand, tome of frost and blood barrage. I managed to pull around 110k/hr slayer xp doing this while before my break I'm pretty sure I was getting more than double of that. I was getting even more than this when I used to melee them a few months ago. Am I doing something wrong or has something really changed? And if it did is it best to just melee all tasks now or are there some exceptions? Thanks in advance
  5. How can you see the hitboxes thing with just the trailer :o
  6. Free 5m and half an inv worth of xp. How often do people loot wands and actually survive?
  7. Do you recommend barraging all tasks?
  8. I use: seafaring hull, combat ram, jod, 3 oxhead, merchant, seafaring & morale deck upgrades, combat captain (with 4x +100 combat traits). That's 8452/8240/8394 m/c/s base stats (morale shipwright), with personal boosts it works out to 8463/8343/8456 for me. If my captain had slayer instead of 1x plucky it'd be better :(. How did your captain get that good? Did you just keep trying and trying until you got the right one or did you use the captain trait missions?
  9. Bots dumping red dragon leather? They basically bought for 1/2 ge price but bodies are still selling for -5% Look like I'm training craft with alot of profit lol (doesn't work anymore)
  10. Hey guys, what should I do if I wanted to go from 76-90 hunter? All the way Herblore Habitat and just catch the best I can or are charm sprites also good xp? Thanks in Advance
  11. It's around 61% ok, 39% not ok. Alright, but why 39%? It looks like a random number
  12. Just sent out my first final trio story mission, only had one booster left and got it to 61% (3x 12k) success rate that way. Is that ok?
  13. Unlocked shambling lair today and got 2 oxheads b2b (The reason I have 0 rerolls is because I tried to get even more :P)
  14. They Hot fixed nex so you cant enter anymore lol...
  15. Nice find man, most people are pretty high levels now so they easily take things for granted
  16. It was mainly for nex, because chaotics have terribe accuracy Thanks everyone tho
  17. Alright, so it wouldn't be worth it at all to buy an OH mace while the best MH I have is a chaotic?
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