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  1. Kind of like how you equated people with theists because they don't agree with "positive reinforcement" of a terrorist? Speaking of being defensive....
  2. I don't believe in the death penalty, ever, it's a horrible mentality. A person's actions should not brand them with the death stamp no matter how shocking. Remember that human actions are never without reason and that we're all essentially blank slates at the moment we're born (albeit slates of varied quality, but blank nonetheless) those in power have to take responsibility for what they and their predecessors have indirectly influenced; instead of shooting all their mistakes in the face without doing a damn thing to prevent more problems in the future, and if anything, the exact opposite is achieved. The only time someone should kill is if their own life is directly threatened within the here and now, not out of spite, not out of revenge. but hey, believe what you want, I'm simply expressing my own view-point, I can't sway somebody if they embrace 'justice' without question, it's essentially the same as arguing with a thiest. I'd also like to note that it has been proven many times over that positive reinforcement works astoundingly better than punishment as a means of encouraging certain behaviours. Then why do we use punishment? Easy answer, that's because it's cheaper and requires much less effort. Nice way to sell out humanity. DONT YOU EVER PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH OR PUT YOUR OPINION IN A WAY MAKING IT SEEM THAT I'M IN THE WRONG. I'M A PARAGON OF JUSTICE, WITH VENGEANCE BURNING THROUGH MY VEINS. And positive reinforcement wouldn't work on a mass murderer. You should know this. Some people are irredeemable no matter what can be done, that's all there is to it. If there was any glimmer of light or reason for him, maybe. But we're far beyond that point now. I don't agree with killing anyone. But for this, I'd gladly make an exception. With that being said, al-Quaeda is so corrupt, so... evil, that it as a whole is unsalvageable, to where the only option is to destroy the faction outright. Okay, what reasons would Osama have to murder thousands? And where DO WE EVEN START TO FIX THE PROBLEM AND STOPPER THE SOURCE OF THIS ENTIRE MESS? DO YOU HAVE THE SHEER FORTITUDE, KNOWLEDGE, OR REASON TO ANSWER THAT?! Well said. There's a difference between rehabilitating someone with a drinking problem, and rehabilitating someone who has coldly calculated the slaughter of thousands of people, not just Americans, but even Muslims part of his own sect of Islam too in other countries. But hey. There's always gotta be that one guy out of the bunch who wants to get on the podium and preach the gospel of good grace right before the hanging.
  3. Inb4conspiracytheorists Inb4peopleareshamedforcelebratinghisdeath Inb4lolyouonlykilledonetherearethousandsmore Oh wait......too late. Collected that all in 5 pages already.
  4. Are you actually saying that if they added the <Spirit Cape> ability to a cape requiring 99 in all stats, 120 dungeoneering, all quests, all tasks, all hidden content that already gives the bonuses of all the best capes combined, it would be "overpowered"? Regardless if you need to buy it or not.
  5. Voted Damus in the second. Been so long since I fought him and would be nice reliving that experience with my current gear and levels.
  6. Sadly I would not be surprised a bit if some people actually fall for it.
  7. Voted Sigmund. Yeah we fought him a bunch of times but he's the only boss of that group that I recall to be remotely challenging. But hey, it's a low level boss poll anyway. Can't wait for the one on Nomad.......
  8. I've always hated micro-transactions. All they do is take you away from the virtual world, and place emphasis on using your gains in the real world to further yourself in the virtual. "Oh hey, I just found this magical ruby dagger after plundering a dungeon for hours and fighting off hordes of creatures!" "Ha, please. I bought that for 2 dollars already and I got the armor to match along with my own custom signature on it!" ^ That's so incredibly Cheesy and it makes gameplay redundant. Why set up a system to unlock things if you're just going to place emphasis on buying them with real money? Believe me, it's quicker to make 2 bucks then spend hours in a dungeon for some dagger in an online RPG game. Yet, if real money is more efficient than virtual money, why even play in the virtual world for virtual gains that you can inevitably purchase more of with real money?
  9. Group vengeance would slaughter multi-target spell casters. Blood Barrage and soul split only heal around half damage dealt, and vengeance rebounds 75% of damage dealt. 300k produce points from group venge....can't wait. Edit: And to the above, the only time I'm not on lunar is when I go to FoG (although with disrupt shield I might change my mind). Aside from that, tabs (even for trollheim), spellbook swap, and jewelry teleports ensure there's not much need for regular magic. I don't even use high alchemy on slayer tasks anymore since I use pack yak a lot.
  10. I think they could add a prayer-type familiar, but what Summoning really needs is fixes and boosts, not new familiars. -Steel titan is still glitchy. Every time they fix one thing about it, they break another. Someone from content needs to really sit down and tinker with the coding until the steel titan's standard attacks and scroll attacks all work neatly in pvp and pvm. -Beasts of Burden still can't hold non-tradable items, which is a real set-back for them. Mod Emilee stated at one time before they simply couldn't let BoBs hold non tradables, just like we can't note untradables. I'd like to know if they've made any progress on this, because honestly it's a fix that would be extremely beneficial. -There are prayers that give summoning protection, but none that boost summoning. The latest spell, spiritualise food, would've been a nice fix to this but it's pretty useless. Not even factoring in the 2 minute cool down, you can only use it once per familiar. That means if you want to boost your steel titan again, a familiar that lasts over an hour, you have to dismiss and waste it for a 2 minute boost. Summoning is an awesome skill, but I really wish they'd fix the little things about it.
  11. I don't think they should include luck drops to be honest. Sure, the average "rate" for those scrolls could give you an idea of how long to get it, but unlike tasks/skills/quests, it's not guaranteed. Shattered heart rocks though have a very good rate, consistently easy to collect so I don't see issue with those.
  12. I want to do the Livid Farm up to disruption but I'm having trouble calculating the cost based on the Gp lost per action on the farm, per cycle. Anyone got some ideas?
  13. If it was fm/cook/fletch got the big combat boosters almost no one would complain, but make the skill expensive and suddenly it's overpowered. :roll: Extremes/ovl can't be used in dangerous pvp, and overload has already been nerfed. I don't see why it has to be toned down yet again, when its only marginally useful over extremes anyway.
  14. Huge over exaggeration. The murders mostly likely would still have happened regardless of the ATF. Oh? You've worked with the Cartel and are aware their armory included .50 BMG ammunition that can cut through an armored personnel carrier before this incident? At least I should hope you're not going by Hollywood movies. Even if they could obtain them otherwise, and in this case got them much easier, justifying allowing such armaments to walk with an organization responsible for horrific massacres in Mexico and all along the border of the U.S. is at best, disturbing.
  15. Mexicans are not any less valuable than Americans. The ATF is no better than the soldiers currently overseas shooting civilians and taking pictures next to them like trophies, when they allow high-powdered firearms to float about with criminals known for violence, and not even bothering to ensure those weapons can't be used to purport massacres or assassinations. Perhaps they are, and perhaps the article in question doesn't have the full scoop. But based on that information, it sure sounds like a botched job that can easily backfire with horrific repercussions.
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