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  1. Yeah the botting has been getting a little out of control recently. It's just progressively getting worse.. I really hope they do decide to do something about it.
  2. What exactly does RWT count as? If i paid my room-mate some in game money to run to the store for me, is that a bannable offense?
  3. Moral of the story. People are [wagon] no matter where you go.
  4. First option for me. I hate waiting around. Remove it!
  5. I have been a few times... I actually have a few times. I used to run a bot in Guildwars, but besides that I'm a pretty straight shooter
  6. the sword of shannara by terry brooks
  7. not a big fan of the kindle or anything like that. call me old school but i like turning pages.
  8. Haven't read it yet but its a book I am looking forward to that comes out next month... It looks like a very promising book. Below is what the back of the book says (I got it off the book's facebook page). When a man wakes up inside a cage that is being carried through an underground city, he has no idea where he is or what has happened to him. As Von, a victim of amnesia, is taken to a jail cell to await his fate amongst elves, humans, dwarfs, gnomes, and halflings, he is told he is a member of the Royal Guard of Genisus. It is not long before he is transported to the palace where he meets an impatient king who eventually returns him to his jail cell while deciding his destiny. As Vons memory slowly returns, he discovers that he is the only one who can protect Drylora world that abandoned him from its greatest evil, his own brother. Through his journey to the truth, Von meets an unlikely group of friends who are willing to sacrifice everything to help him stop his brother Scarlet from annihilating the only world they have ever known. As Vons past becomes clear and reveals his future, he soon realizes the only way he can end his brothers heartless massacres is to find him and kill him.
  9. Ryannator


    Good song by the smashing pumpkins.
  10. the girl actually looks kind of hot in the first picture if it wasnt for that stupid looking tattoo.
  11. Ryannator


    i love me my drugs
  12. Being arrogant voicing my opinion Thats about it. They both intertwine but those i think are my "worst" traits.
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