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  1. I swear.. Every time I look at this thread theres something about dodes...
  2. I may be wrong in thinking this, but I imagine MMG's/Jagex's feelings if they got that letter would be "Oh, look... a list of people that don't give us money."
  3. The only real issue with inactive players is permanent ranks that happen at 200m xp. Other than that any inactive account will only have a higher rank than an active one if they have more experience; I see no problem with this. Jagex wants to keep the highscores "fresh". I can think of one way for them to accomplish this while still keeping ALL un-banned accounts listed on the highscores (which is the way it should be): Code the highscores so that when multiple players have the exact same amount of experience accounts that have been inactive for a certain amount off time, say, 6 months or 1 year+, will be moved below active players with the same xp. Another thing they could possibly do is split the highscores into "all-time", which would feature every account besides banneds, and another that doesn't have inactive accounts at all. In any case, fully removing every f2p account from the highscores is a stupid and lazy move.
  4. So, I was looking at the RSOF a bit when I stumbled upon a thread titled something like "NO F2P HS = LAZY JAGEX" at about exactly the same time that I was thinking exactly what the thread-maker was saying in the thread, which I will now restate. The reason that Jagex is making the highscores members only is, according to the newspost, to keep rankings "fresh" by weeding out inactive accounts. But, there seems to be a very simple way they could do this while still including accounts without membership. They obviously keep track of when you last logged into the game ("You last logged in X days ago from..." message from the lobby). It seems to me like they should be able to easily code the highscores to not include accounts that haven't logged in for a certain amount of time rather than just make it membersonly. This leads me to the conclusion that either: (a) Jagex are too lazy to do this alternative OR (b) This is just another somewhat-dishonest ploy to try to get more subscribers
  5. If you use this "legal" definition, then someone is a pedophile if and only if they commit a crime. The flaws in this are obvious. The actual technical definition of "pedophilia" would be more of 'sexual attraction towards children'. Biologically speaking, a child is an individual who hasn't yet attained the ability to reproduce, i.e. pre-prubescent. If we use this biological definition, which is really much better than the arbitary social division which varies considerably between different countries and cultures, then a pedophile is someone who is sexually attracted to pre-pubescent individuals. Further, the legal age of consent in some countries is 12, therefore sexual attraction towards teenagers (13-19) isn't legally pedophilia everywhere. If the definition is universally applicable everywhere then it really shouldn't be used as the technical definition. Age of consent in Montana is 16. Age of consent in California is 18. By legal definition, if a 40 year old has sex with a 16 year old in Cali he/she is a pedophile; same thing happens in Montana he/she isn't a pedophile. That really doesn't work.
  6. Trying to legitimately quit rs. There are only a few things left that are fun and my favorite (GOP) is completely overrun by bots and pretty much ruined. It really seems like rs is heading to its grave and wasting time on something that I really don't enjoy has become, well, boring. Haven't logged in for a few weeks, but I'm here checking these forums so you can tell I'm an addict. :grin: Can't bring myself to log on and donate my bank to suomi either... I do take some comfort in the fact that I never wasted any actual money on this addiction. Since I'm actively trying to not play, I find it all the more interesting that people will bot just for the purpose of gaining some achievement/prestige in an online game. The people who actually put in the time for their achievements do partly have that feeling that they did it themselves. For the botters, though, it seems that they're doing it more for the glory of getting to the top and having other people admire them for it. Of course, for legit players and botters the drive to somehow finish the game and getting some kind of closure is usually a big factor, too. I'm mostly just rambling, but the psychological aspects are interesting and stuff you could think about. [more rambling] Anyways, I found a SNES/Gameboy emulator online with a bunch of old games to keep me occupied when I have absolutey nothing to do. This should help hold my attention while I get unhooked. New music always helps too. (Heritage coming out in a few weeks, Makka ;)) Random closing thought: One of my small goals was to have a higher total than Nuff again at some point before he maxed. At least I got that this month without even trying. \:D/
  7. This. If your goal is x amount of tokens/ratings then sitting in the middle and winning with less charges is more time-efficient. If I remember right, the ideal amount of charges for me to get against low levels/non-pros was around 500-800. Getting 5k charges is really only worth the time if you have a splasher and you decide you want to afk and eat a sandwich. If I remember right, 5k charges is only twice the tokens of ~1k for 5x the amount of time. All these posts about lower levels beating high levels makes me remember one time when I was testing how much faster ratings are gained at a lower cb with a lvl 30 pure. Me being able to win about half the matches vs 100+s really shows how unskilled majority of the people are. :P
  8. Never ever would I have expected to be reading about THAT on this thread. +100 internets to all involved parties. I know that this is a bit late but, I was following the Telmo/Elias race to 3b before taking an extended rs break. Glad Elias came out winrar :thumbsup:
  9. Fire blast is only level 59 mage. :wink: But it's well worth it, blast spells are much stronger than bolt spells. Also, like Sonic said, you should still get at least level 64 so you can use the group gatestone teleport if you want to DG with a team. Wonder why I thought it was 69.. must be losing it :wall:
  10. If you're gonna have a blastbox bind it'd be good to get at least 69 mage to be able to use fire blast and you'd also be over the level to use the ggs tele spell, like sonic said. 50 cb is a bit low, and I see that all your combat skills are unranked. It wouldn't take too long to train your att and str to around 70, which would give you decent melee damage output. Defense could help too, but I consider high offense skills much more important so you can clear gd's and kill bosses faster. 43+ pray for the protect prayers would help too. Some tips for finishing faster and getting better xp/time rates (maybe you already know this): -Avoid killing things unless you have to (i.e. guardian door rooms). -Don't cut logs,fish+cook food, mine ores or make armor unless it is absolutely necessary. Generally, it's a waste of time. -Even if you keep dging without getting the level to ggs tele or if you don't have laws you can still put your personal gatestone by doors you haven't found the keys for. This will save time instead of having to walk to that door later. The home tele spell will take you to the start room and has unlimited casts, so you can get to the ggs portal that way. You could still have your gs at the start room in the beginning and make a new one when you need it. Can't think of anything else right now :P
  11. This. And This. As far as I know, Jagex doesn't just give out bans+statwipes without being sure. I've seen the same bots at GOP for months after I reported them, botting every day before they got banned. Resetting all of someone's skills is pretty big; they'd be stupid to do it without being absolutely positive that they're rule breakers.
  12. Att/def bonuses do still matter somewhat, but definitely are heavily reduced the closer you are to the center. I can use my g2h on slash (-4 att) in the center against full rune and still be pretty accurate. Wearing the rc robes are more just to wear something instead of having default clothes. 90+% of matches I won't mage at all (since range and melee are way better dps), so if I did regularly run out of pray points I'd probably wear monks instead. Rc robes are also 1kg and under for each piece with no negative bonuses. Compared with ~12kg for dhide chaps and body with negative mage attack and even worse for rune its easy to pick which I'd rather wear.
  13. From Runetrack: From Runetracker when I press the "Update now" button on his page: Same thing as other players who have their stats wiped.
  14. Extra pray bonus isn't really needed. Pretty much everyone in f2p wears rc robes for the slight extra mage bonuses, plus they're light and no negative offense. Personally, I wear zealots ammy which has negative pray and still only ever run out of pray while I'm hunting a pro house hugger who can milk 2k+ charges against me, in which case there's a good chance I'll lose anyways. I'm pretty sure necklace slot items are under 1kg weight, so you could bring multiples without making yourself too heavy. Along with the rapier and bow I also bring a g2h just to be able to pop off 300s in a clinch, but it isn't as important.
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