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  1. Staking is /never/ a good form of making money, unless you can somehow boost your win chances to be significantly above normal. Though if you're dead set on mage boxing, I can offer a little advice: 1) Learn how to abuse PID. 2) Get 99 defence and hp, it's true that Defence has significantly less impact when mage-boxing, but it still provides an edge.
  2. Because 99 prayer untrimmed was to sexy to pass up. And it only runs about .5 of a combat level which won't affect much/anything. Thanks for the suggestions though ;)
  3. Asked for you, recieved an answer of 250, may or may not be correct though.
  4. Thank you for that complete waste of my time, and yours. :mellow:
  5. Thank you <3: Always good to know I'll surpass my goal, and I'll definitely look into Mobilizing Armies, thanks a bunch guys ^^
  6. Yes, barraging rock lobs, would like to at least obtain a unicorn, shouldn't be too difficult. Already stated I would be getting 99 herblore, i'll most likely be making overloads from 96-99 so i should be set. Good idea on buying several hundred sets of pk'ing gear, I'll follow up on that right now. As for imbued rings, are they difficult to re-obtain if lost? I'm a fairly good pker, but sometimes jagex just sticks it to you, and you die. Thankls for the tips and ideas, any other advice is still welcome.
  7. Thank you for pointing that out, i intend to get Korasi. Thanks for the timely reply as well :thumbsup:
  8. Looking at the turmoil zerker stats in my sig, what else could i buy? I'd like to add, i have 99mage and range banked, along with 99 herblore. Own 2 of each of the following: -Claws -Ranger sets -3a ranger set (more for lulz than anything else -Fury (orn) -Green partyhat Is there anything else, aside from non-combat skills i could/should buy? Suggestions can range from merely ornamental, to vital items i missed. EDIT: I currently have about 1.2b to spend, with more coming in daily from flipping, so nothing is "out of my price range".
  9. If you struggle to get a medium to "under 20minutes" I'd advise you to just do smalls. Mediums should be completed in a max of 15mins I'd say, with the norm much closer to 10.
  10. Definitely don't try to become a zerker pure, it takes far to much effort for a casual player, definitely look into quests though. Slayer as mentioned is decent for leveling multiple skills.
  11. I found (assuming you're lower level), doing 2:1 meds was very, very quick xp if you know how to dungeoneer fairly well. 10min floors for 20-30k/floor isn't bad if you can't (or don't want to for some reason) find a large. Doing it solo adds a min or two, but the idea is the same.
  12. On a side note, inside the H.A.M place, after advancing through the quests series there's an addional area inside a trapdoor you can enter. Thieving from the H.A.M members inside gives keys to chests in there as well. The loot in the chests is fairly good, lots of jewelry.
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