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  1. Completely agree with this. If you've ever listened to an MMO dev talk about power-creep, you know that this is a constant problem. On the one hand, you have all this awesome content you made over the last few years, and you don't want it to become dead. On the other, you want to release new stuff, to keep people interested and give everyone more options of things to do. There's just no good solution. If you just balanced everything with everything else, the game would get boring quickly - people like to have something to strive for, and people especially like getting and having awesome swords/bows/spells. Possibly you could keep updating old content with new stuff, but that gets boring really quick. I like the approach some games have taken, where you 'ascend' and get a new-game+, but I don't think that would work for Runescape... Thoughts?
  2. I'm pretty sure it's just broken - I spent a while trying to figure it out, and then just gave up in disgust. Plus, nitpicking, but it's 'Combat Academy'
  3. Thanks for all the excellent advice. A little annoyed that low-end equipment isn't really useful anymore, but meh... Guess i'm off to find a way to get moneys.
  4. So, I came back after a ~8 month break, and am having a great time playing with the EoC stuff. However, today I got a slayer task of Black Dragons (I chose to kill them in Evil Chicken place). Now, when I last played, this wasn't a problem for me - I'd typically sit behind a rock while ranging or halberding. Now though, with their ranged magic attack I'm having difficulty. I've tried the following setups (yes - these are a casual player's equipment, that had worked fine for me in the past): [spoiler=Stats] Attack: 87 Strength: 89 Defence: 87 Constitution: 89 Range: 77 Magic: 80 Prayer: 74 [spoiler=Melee] Cloak: Ardougne cloak 3 Neck: Amulet of Glory(4) Main hand: Abyssal whip Gloves: Culinaromancer's gloves 10 Ring: Ring of Wealth Helmet: Full slayer helmet Chest: Granite body Shield: Dragonfire shield (fully charged) Legs: Rune platelegs Boots: Fremennik sea boots 3 inventory: Antifire pots Combat pots Monkfish This setup worked...kind of? I managed to get about 5 kills over a not huge time period. I wasn't using prayer either - I assume with that I'd do a bit better, at a higher cost. This was using melee combat abilities actively. [spoiler=Range] Range: Cloak: Ava's accumulator Neck: Amulet of Glory(4) Main hand: Rune crossbow Gloves: Culinaromancer's gloves 10 Ring: Ring of Wealth Ammo: Steel bolts Helmet: Full slayer helmet Chest: Black d'hide body Shield: Dragonfire shield (fully charged) Legs: Black d'hide chaps Boots: Snakeskin boots inventory: Antifire pots Monkfish This setup failed completely, which suprised me, since it had worked alright in the past. I got maybe 1 kill for 1/2 of my inventory, at which point I got too frustrated to keep it up. I assume this was due to the crap equipment, especially the bolts.... This didn't include prayer either. So, am I just completely failing in terms of gear, and just need to give up being frugal and farm some gold for better equipment? Are the black dragons just too strong for me currently? Am I missing something important in terms of strategy? Do I need to go spend a bunch of time with Dungeoneering and get some Chaotics? I could use any advice you could give me. Thanks.
  5. It doesn't appear that anyone read the question.. I don't know the answer, but could we try to stay on topic?
  6. I'v received several emails of this sort as well. The link is fake, and will take you to some other site.
  7. Well, I liked "Critique of pure efficiency" - I just wrote a paper on Kant, and this just made me laugh :) I agree with the points made though.
  8. After completing Salt in the Wound, the fishing platform has 0 fisherman on it, and Caroline's answer changes accordingly.
  9. Thanks for the info. Now I'm just annoyed that they made the corpses not stack, even if the color detail is kind of cool.
  10. Yeah... But what if you already have the gear? It might be useful to know.
  11. In the templre trekking update, vyrewatch corpses were changed so that they were separated into different bank categories. Does anything know if this had an effect on the rewards for burning them?
  12. I've never actually seen a bot under Yanille (though I don't go there often). Also, depending which herbs you want, the new temple trekking seems like a good choice (if a bit less combat focused), since you can choose the level of herb to get. But yeah, chaos druids are great, and despite the massive amounts of bots in edgeville dungeoneer dungeon, you can usually fill your inventory fairly quickly.
  13. its actually safer to make a memorable password that is 4+ words long ...I smell an XKCD reader..
  14. I find it easier to pay attention to other things while cooking monkfish, since it involves less clicks/time.
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