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  1. If your 99 is in a melee skill, you may need to max out att/str/def/hp or something to turn off those challenges because they are all grouped into "Attack" on the turn-off interface. It is a little weird and I don't know how that works.
  2. People complaining that 5:5 DGing will suffer missed the line that it will still be the fastest method of gaining exp. So you can keep your family doctor team. As it is now, the upper echelon of teams that are full of angry efficiency experts have isolated themselves into a Catch-22 where no new individuals can join their ranks. "You got one mime emote wrong! Never DGing with you anymore."
  3. We would prefer if you ranged, but if you absolutely must melee, use a dragon spear. Could also borrow a zammy spear using the Lend Item system. I tried that the last corp event. No one seems to wanna let you borrow anything on the lent system without money, which I understand, but is kinda annoying. Nonetheless, if I do come I'll probably range. If you want to use melee and need a zs, send me a pm. I will loan for free.
  4. If you're really concerned about a block list, you could try to utilize the new social slayer thing. Find someone to train with and set up your combined blocked lists to cover more creatures. Although, this might be sacrificing your earned experience in the end.
  5. For Flingers Medals: Just write down the tackle combinations for each fish as people call them out in the fc/public. Until someone finds a combo, don't guess to find it yourself. Once the heaviest fish is found, fish there until it depletes to 1. Make sure you have all 100% and then continue fishing the heaviest fish. You have to sacrifice some tokens to maintain your 80% heaviest fish medal though. e.g. (Bass is heaviest) -catch 1 of Herring, Pike, Trout, Cod, Salmon, at 100% after people call the combo -rest of the time catch Bass at 100% -if you can't do either of these, wait for a combo to be called, don't look for it yourself Also, don't do big fish.
  6. and Varrock Armor (2 or higher) and possibly (for after bxpw) golden suit from lava flow mine penance horn
  7. Ankous in Stronghold of Security? I think Salve Ammy works there.
  8. On normal days (i.e. not bxpw), the rope swing is not very crowded. No idea about bxpw though. I get my Shattered Heart agility rocks there.
  9. Do fletching first, sell what you make to re-buy more willow logs, then do the firemaking.
  10. I'm in the same boat as you (bad pun intended). I was switching between hating monks for slow xp, then hating C2 fishing because it was a hassle to fight between fishing and there was no profit. I've since settled on C2 fishing and I'm getting maybe 80k/hr (estimate) while also watching television. The rate would improve when I get around to setting up and using mousekeys. Basically, I enter a C2 dung, sell off given armor, buy a rod & feathers, and drop the stackables. Then I essentially do the entire dung exhausting all fishing spots until the boss is found. Once this happens, I leave the dung and begin another one.
  11. 1) get scroll of cleansing reward 2) make highest xp "useful" potion you can until you level up for the next one (e.g. no zamorak potions), maybe look at gp/xp calculators 3) use tip.it's calculator to find how many you need to make for level ups 4) once planned, buy/make unf potions BEFOREHAND
  12. When I kill Wfs for familiarization or slayer, I take: void, zammy spear on crush (+ ext att/str) eee and uni for healing (and a little food just in case) pray piety only Its not bad. There is definitely room for improvement, but praying range/mage is not completely necessary for good armor.
  13. Remote farming applied to herbs gives you the ability to cure diseased patches. This is obviously an active process and must be cast once per growth tick to ensure diseases get cured.
  14. Thank you to the people who saw the issue and fixed it regarding timezones that I raised yesterday. I was about to hop into the chat and ask about it.
  15. 2hrs of Armadyl - I tried to record the deaths and splits. Almost died myself a few times while recording this info. Deaths: Jam Cam Ranged Type2 Theros Fearless Lee Pate Cool 0o -unclear- Reborn vL Rilo Kiley Vine Weaver iL Alwayz li Schmittyboy Phenol Fireagon Team or Tank Reborn vL (again) Unknown Power Archers Shot Marc999234 IDOMINICAN Icer420 Tatti 44 Romanius V Icer420 (again) Peej86 Splits: 2.8k split - Shard 2 - from Wingman Skree - 35 minutes in 250k split - Chainskirt - from Kree - 40 minutes in 358k split - chestplate - from Kree - 1:40 in
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