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  1. Every time I get a pretty good sum of cash, I always decide to train my most expensive skills. Just went broke from construction today, yay me!
  2. Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War? Really cool graphics, fast-paced, has some pretty neat expansions to it, too. Plus, the second game should be out now (Dawn of War II: Retribution).
  3. Hey Tip.iters, I'm looking for a good FPS game. I already know about and plan to play Call of Duty and CounterStrike. I'm looking for more computer-based FPS games though, since I spend more money on gaming gear for the computer. I've looked at games like Allaince of Valiant Arms (or something like that o.O), but I haven't gotten a real chance to play it since I'm on a crappy laptop atm while on vacation.
  4. This is the best bot story I've ever read O.O
  5. Already having to pay 15 bucks for an active WoW sub, I probably wouldn't pay more than $10. Either way, goldfarmers are making too much money in general for it to be a hinder, and I there's still F2P which they could probably still make a profit from. And hacked accounts/stolen credit cards from people who try to buy powerleveling or gold from said goldfarmers :\
  6. It's illegal if they're banning an entire race of people (don't know how'd they do that through a game). Banning a country would just be like a tariff or something, not really illegal.
  7. Ok, everything makes sense now. Thanks for the help all!
  8. Aw, so RS lost the manipulators but got scamming clans, interesting o.O And what is the M supposed to stand for in PvM? Or does it even have a true meaning?
  9. So I recently came back from a two year hiatus and I have a question about some of the new terms and stuff around: What is a Dice Clan or whatever they're called. I've seen the word around a few times but haven't figured out what they are... What is PvM? Player versus Merching? How useful is free trade now compared to the GE?
  10. The graphics are good, but it's nothing special. It takes to long to grind skills and when you die there's no respawn. :( Why would anyone want to play that game?
  11. Eventually JaGex will figure out quality over quanity. Giving players a lot of stuff to do isn't bad, but if it's boring or broken they can't expect to keep those players.
  12. Heya there, I've been playing RS since the second year RS2 was out (I don't really pay attention to dates). I went on a hiatus about two years ago, and when I heard Wildy and stuff was coming back, I decided to wait awhile before rejoining, just to see where the community was at. I hope to be more active in RS now since I never gotten a character with a skill of 99 despite playing for so many years. I like being part of a forum community and instead of paying for membership to talk with others, I found this site and decided to hang around.
  13. Your Clan will be able to create a floating castle in the sky. Plus some other stuff.
  14. Watch TV, listen to music, might play other games on the side (yay expert multitasker!), maybe even read based on what skill I'm training.
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