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  1. I'd do it again if i could :p

  2. haha yes i am confused too
  3. thanks for the addd :)

  4. Well your right, you can't wait forever for her. If she is the right one then you'll find each other again sometime but In my opinion I think you should find someone else. Remember, if two people are still friends after they broke up they were either never in love or still are.
  5. welcome to TIF, please enjoy your stay :)

  6. Would never eat paper, I would gag and probably throw up :l (sorry not sure how to do bold on my phone) what is your most random memory? My most random memory would probably be throwing a ball to my friend and back about 500 times before we dropped it. We were that bored.
  7. Life is fair but then you kill yourself because nothing else is a challenge. I wiiish.. My brother would get off the computer so I can play some games :3
  8. Does anyone here follow AFL? I know it's more of a Victoria based sport but I still love it :) if so, tips on this year/who do you go for?
  9. Jaimi


    I used to be rich and got basically everything, then a few things happened and now i have a part time job which basically covers all my needs since im only 16 :) money isn't that important really, as long as your happy.
  10. are you talking about me? if you are thank you :) bet you that your beautiful.
  11. :3 me and my bestfrann.
  12. Duff, excuse me if i missing anything before the story you just told but in my opinion: your trying too hard to get her attention by using conventional methods such as pretending you don't care and such. but in my experience, a guy is so much more attractive if they're just themselves and confident in what they do. if you act like you don't care about her, she probably wont care about you (unless she absolutely loves you beforehand). I'm not saying jump and give it all you can, im just saying that if you like her than just go for it when you feel the time is right. there is no trick, its different for each person and its better to do it without regret than regret later if shes leaving for college.
  13. So bots basically rule the economy now? does that mean skills are absolutely useless when it comes to making money? Also, would it be worth it to join a clan?
  14. I have been away from runescape from the past year, and moved on to games such as wow and starcraft. What is the current state of RS? (i left roughly around free trade since i knew the game was going to go downhill afterwards) i log in a few times to keep in touch with friends and such, but have no real desire anymore because of the large amounts of bots playing nowadays. It's pretty hard to make money with skills, and i have no time to do PVM or PVP. Is the game overrun with bots? If anyone could explain to me any important events that have happened lately or such it would be greatly appreciated as i do feel like im missing out on the recent parts of this game :)
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