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  1. Well, I suppose I'll have to put the tasks on hold and go back to slaying.
  2. I'm at the correct pump. I'm positive of that. And if I right-click the pump, it just gives me an examine option. There is no fill option.
  3. I decided to try to complete all the tasks today and I just got started and am already having a problem. >.> When I try to fill the bucket using the pump north of the west falador bank, it fills, but doesn't tell me I completed a task or anything. I looked at a couple youtube videos to see if I was doing it wrong somehow, but I saw a lot of comments on the videos saying they were having the same problem. Any ideas? Has anyone heard of this yet?
  4. I spent 8 days there from the day they came out and only got 2.
  5. Impossible, I don't believe you. That is efficient use of gameplay! S U O M I, prepare for competition now Green went efficient! L she definitely probably did not use a cannon and was probably using like wind surge or something and probably maging with a zealots like she does, and she probably also was wearing bandos. And also probably her trusty dfs, it was a nice thought tho. She wasn't using a cannon, she was using a normal spell, I forgot what it was. Ahrims & normal mage gear.
  6. I don't know if it's been said, probably not, but in your update a13d you questioned what green098 was doing for mage xp. I saw her maging at Ganodermic Beasts the other day.
  7. Wow a whole 74mil. Not saying that isn't a lot, but you made it seem like you were giving away like hundreds of mils lol.
  8. 15K fires, in case your staff runs out, you can just recharge it. That's what I've been doing lol. Also, you did mention that the spawn rate is insanely fast, so the best thing to do is just camp one safespot.
  9. It's from the ring of wealth rare drop tables. Those drops should not be included in monster drops because you might as well just add every drop from the ring of wealth drop table to almost all monsters.
  10. Please, we have had this discussion for many times already, if you really want to know the answer go look back in this thread of PM someone, this thread is not about asking real-life questions about people. I'm not reading 750 pages of a thread before I ask a question. My question still has to do with 200mil in all skills.
  11. Yeah, I know I've spent quite awhile on this game, but I haven't spent 1000+ days on this game. That's 9-10x the amount I've spent. My question isn't why does everyone play runescape instead of doing something productive, it's why would someone spent THAT amount of time on an online game rather doing something else in real life that they like to do? That can't be healthy. Well, that sounded a lot worse that I thought it would.. It doesn't bother me and I'm not trying to tell Suomi to go get a life either, I simply just want to know what's stopping him from going out & doing other things that he could be spending a ton of time with, instead of runescape. I'm sure he could get really really good at something else he likes doing, and perhaps get paid for it, by putting that amount of time into it.
  12. Yeah but 200mil all skills takes a ton of time. I'm talking about the amount of time it takes. It doesn't take a ton of time to do what I do online. Again, I really don't mean this to be offensive, I'm just wondering what makes Suomi want to actually get 200mil in every skill on an online game rather go out & learn something or get good at something else he likes to do.
  13. Why would you want 200mil in all skills rather go out & find something to do in real life? No offense at all, seriously lol.
  14. Won't happen. There will be people who go just for the sole reason to screw it up. And honestly, Jagex won't care.
  15. 64-67 Dungeoneering & I did the rest of the weekend at barrows to come out with only 2 torags helms. -.-' Better than nothing.
  16. This is my second one, got another about a year ago, it was worth 33mil. I got my first one from Iron Dragons as well. This is worth about 11mil. Didn't get the pic of the actual drop. :P
  17. That's insane, and you still have 82 magic, so you have a lot of room for more xp too. How do you do it without getting HP to 99 though?
  18. They were almost fully maxed in rs2. 117 dung.
  19. It doesn't work for me. And I switched to OpenGL, but it's really blurry for me. And the runescape website lags so much for me. Ugh. >.>
  20. Did it just start happening today?
  21. This is just getting annoying, I don't know why it's doing this, but does anyone have any idea what I could do to fix it? I do use a mac, and it's never done this before, but on the runescape client, the place where you click around and stuff isn't aligned correctly with the back of the client, so my mouse has to be like a few inches away from where I'm actually clicking.
  22. It says on the OP that there are rumors that Drumgun is level 139 from getting 200mil in all combat skills, I couldn't tell if they were being serious or not.
  23. Probably a stupid question, is Drumgun really combat level 139 in game? lol.
  24. Bruhx

    Bye bye Mask :(

    Today, I realized my post was wrong & I did do something wrong and got hacked. I can't really believe how stupid I was. I got an email from 'Jagex Ltd' saying my account had an infraction, forgetting that Jagex never sends emails, I opened it, logged in on the thing and it said they made a mistake about RWT and I didn't really receive an infraction. Almost 2 week bump, sorry, I just didn't want people thinking you could literally get hacked from doing absolutely nothing wrong.
  25. Don't do what's the most efficient, do what you have the most fun doing & what you want to do. I've done about 250 tasks from Kuradel and I've never gotten Mithril Dragons. ;/
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