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  1. I don't think it will mean the destruction of mankind, we'll probably cheat our way out of extinction somehow. But I'm more conserned about how many speicies of animals will extinct because of mankinds greed. Scientists estimate that during the last century, between 20,000 and two million species have become extinct. What gives us the right to do so? I can understand us feeding on other animals as it is how nature goes, and in return we (sometimes) take good care of the animals. But Elephants got hunted solely so we can have pretty looking piano keys, baby seals get clubed to death so someone can have a coat which looks a bit more expencive then other coats do. Ok going a little offtopic there but I really don't see why we are using up all of earths resources, while if we would live a little more modest (electrical vehicles and renewable energy sources for example) we could live in balance with the earth.
  2. How about at the moment you enter the altar you could lose all youre ess. When you then use the portal to return the MoM would be waiting for you to start talking to him. He would then tely you to a lost and found office. In the lost and found office an officer would ask you to select out which 'Witness report drawing' would resemble you the most. There would be the correct one which looks just a little bit different then youre real image, and 4 which would be a little further off. If you chose a wrong one, A npc perfectly resembling the image would pop up and start shouting that it's him. You could then try again with the chosen wrong one being replaced by that of an imp. If you chose an imp one, you would given a bead and put in a random place on the map where imps roam. If you chose the correct one, you will be telied back to the origonal spot and be handed had youre origonal ess returned also you will be rewarded on how many times you had one wrong. 3 or 4 wrong is nothing. 2 wrong is 5 extra ess (pure ess for members) 1 wrong is 10 extra ess (pure ess for members) 0 wrong is 20 extra ess (pure ess for members) You would have plenty of time to craft youre origonal ess and pick up the bonus ones. I don't know whether it would work for abysial runecrafting though.
  3. Just to ruine youre little plan, you're not allowed to fly a hot air balloon there. Anyway, I reread the post I can now see how it's usefull for the higher levels. However I think it would be a little difficult to implement for some items, for example runecrafting, The factors that could be changed (exp/ess and rune/ess) would cause mass confusion when they would be changed. Or maybe failing could be implemented to all runecrafting. I still think it's a good idea but just too confussing for the common runescape player. Not much to say about the auction house idea, besides that it's good.
  4. I don't think it would even be that good. Fly fishing is just as good exp (if not better), so most people do it for cash. If the box would be placed loads more Fish would enter the market, crashing the price. (hurting the p2p fishers) It would also make the fishing and cooking skills much to easy. (hurting people who already done it all the hard way) THe extra (and cheaper) fish would make combat skills much easyer. (hurting people who already done it all the hard way) So basicly it would mess up the game for P2P fishers, high leveled fishers, High combat leveled players and any other player with fish on his/her bank.
  5. I don't really see global warming as a reason for either runescape hitting 200k or people getting fatter. Heat ussualy makes people lose weight. Also remember that on the souther half of the world it currently is winter, and they still seem to play runescape,.. maybe runescape being fun could be a reason for many people to play it.
  6. I ones pulled a prank with a fake spider on my little brother, the morning after I woke up and saw a spider next to my bed. I though he had put the fake one there to get back at me, so I tried to grab it, real spiders don't seem to like that,...
  7. As alot of people don't seem to understand the idea Perhaps useing another example would make it clearer. (Although them actually reading might also work) A friend would lend me something, lets say a hammer. Then I could add a note to that hammer saying 'Borrowed from friend' so I wouldn't forget and throw it away. Then right before I would return it I could take the note of and add a note (or changing the note) saying 'Thanks' which my friend could then read. Anyway I don't really think there are enough benefits from it and would be a little difficult for Jagex to inplement.
  8. uuuhm in this idea, you still actually have to play the game and click on each individual ore to get it. I do like the idea, but it may make people pay less atention to the game and so get in trouble with random events.
  9. I don't really think the value rate idea would be usefull. It is mostly new players that use the stores and higher levels hardly use em, so it would be a little useless for new players to need to learn to use a system they won't really be needing later in the game. It is a good idea though, just not for runescape.
  10. How about there would be an option to sit down on the floor?, you would not be logged out for 5 minutes, and can't do anything except talking and getting up again (clicking to walk or anything else would make you get up). You could still be attacked (You would get up), but random events would wait (while sitting down next to you) for you to get up again before they would start.
  11. If you don't have any money, Runecrafting is the hardest, with prayer a close second. If you have money then prayer will be the hardest with Runecrafting second. Crafting isn't all that bad, ones you have mining 30+ and smithing 20+ and can get in the crafting guild, or have money tiara's can get you anywhere fast. SMithing can indeed be slow when you don't have money, but it isn't all that bad, mostly because it also can get you the money needed to level it.
  12. The topic has 570 posts, so even with removing some double posts and off topic chat, There is just as much discusion in it which say the update isn't all that good as there are people saying it is good. I think if there would be a serious poll on it it wouldn't even have 50% suporting it.
  13. A toy horse named blacky B, had him for about 2 years now.
  14. It would be a bit difficult regarding quest rewards and such, but most off all I think it would be to easely abused.
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