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  1. >Not just playing Planescape: Torment to get the best of both worlds Nothing says games and good literature are mutually exclusive. Well, perhaps literature cannot also be a game, but games can certainly also be literature. PS. Nobody plays games on the assumption that the time spent playing will be of use in their future endevours. They play them for fun, and because they felt like it, not because it is the most efficient use of their time.
  2. Double Negatives are always bad english.
  3. Gotta ask, are those skills accounting for armour check penalties or not? Because I was having some trouble getting my stealth, climb, swim and such to reasonable levels without losing most of my AC, and if those are accounting for penalties, I'd like to know how so I can shamelessly copy it. Edit: After a short nap, I am able to think clearly once more, and it is relatively obvious that those are before ACP.
  4. Dealing a grand total of zero damage because a vampire has DR/10 silver and magic. PS. Enhancement bonuses to ability scores do not stack unless explicitely stated. PPS. Where are you getting all these feats from? I can't figure out a way to make 8 attacks at level 9 without being way down in the negative attack bonuses.
  5. FYI, we didn't really care about you being there, just Holo. Believe it or not, I was the one who managed to persuade Garmund not to drop a zombie dragon and a barrage of save or die spells on you. I guess my character was kinda tired of fighting the same people over and over? Always up for a decent fight, but you find one of the enemies insufferable? Solution: Teleport the involved parties 900 miles away.
  6. [hide] [/hide] Are we talking about an alternate Rapid Reload here, or is it GM fiat? Not to say that I am against GM fiat, but I am just curious where you are getting free action reloading from.
  7. It appears we have pulled into powergaming avenue. Except it's actually worse because the one doing the powergaming is very bad at powergaming. Let's ignore for the moment that you are basically puppeting another player into a living weapon for you to use, yes? In the meantime, I shall provide a few counterpoints. 1) You should probably reread the Rapid Reload feat. 2) Concealment Rules 3) A challenging encounter for a duo of level 9 characters is a CR 9 encounter. No Elder Elementals or Dragons here. A Nymph, CR 7, would be regarded as a very easy encounter. 4) There is a reason gunslinger is widely regarded as the worst class paizo has created. 5) Characters can generally only see so far. There are actually rules for distant spotting. And please don't respond to this by quoting my points and putting whatever silly argument you have constructed beneath each one, because I really don't care one way or the other if I am right or wrong or what have you, I'm just making myself known in a somewhat flashy way so that maybe people would pay attention when I ask that we please stop with the optimizing and powergaming, because it's not about who has the biggest powerlevel, it's about collaborative storytelling.
  8. Custom magic items tend to end up broken. His stance on them is entirely justified.
  9. Thought it could only be animated if it had some kind of skeletal or nervous system? Else we would be running around with Gelatinous Cube Wights and other equally silly (and terrifying) creatures.
  10. Or we can get a few scrolls of wall of iron?
  11. I'm going to make a wizard tower. Possibly in the centre of the lake? Perhaps the monolith can make up the base of the tower? Or the top? Would make it look pretty imposing, and might increase it's area of control. I wouldn't know about the last one though. Either way, we're going to need a heck of a lot of building materials. I recommend we look into methods to alleviate the pressure, and then raid the Aboleths.
  12. Yeah I dunno where I got the 1000gp from. Lack of sleep, probably. I have Create Soul Gem as well though, so it doesn't matter too much. And I didn't take the cacodaemon spell, I obtained some scrolls of it, among other scrolls I scribed myself. I took undead master, and I have command undead as well. I'm not seeing why we don't just release all 100 rats at once, really. I have a 32 HD limit, you have a 32 HD limit... 64 rats is a significant amount. In terms of killing the kobold leader, I would recommend spell turning. See what happens when his disintegrate or chain lightning turns back at him. [Please ignore my math, I am deprived of sleep.]
  13. Okay okay okay, I think we can knock the Drow off the list of targets, as well as the whispering way. The former isn't hostile towards us and powerful enough to hunt us down, and the latter hasn't really interacted with us at all, but given what we are doing, they would probably be neutral leaning towards friendly. The kobold town would be very, very hostile if they actually knew who we were, so we should go ahead with plans A, B and C (A is release an undead blight upon them. B and C are much the same.) against them. As far as immediate plans of action go, I say we release the undead rats, and then go explore those cyclopean ruins. Piracy is fun, but my character is a treasure hunter at heart and would really rather steal things from the long dead than be forced to kill the living to steal their things instead. As for our long term power, I believe creating a large number of standard undead rather than one huge undead is a better plan (At least until we can get both). I would recommend either your standard skeletal champions, or guardian phantom armours. Equipment can vary, of course. Or, if we feel fancy (And my character always does) we can get a small number of a powerful, but not world ending undead. Say, a few dullahans rather than a tzitimitizltmzitlizitmzimlitlzmitlzmitlzl. PS. I took Greater Summon Cacodaemons, so I should be able to deal with our soul gem needs without the massive cost. 1000 gold per HD is a tad on the ridiculous side.
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