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  1. Kbd drops table u can find here -http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/King_Black_Dragon and giant mole here - http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Giant_mole I have tried only kbd, u can kill a few of them with full inventory of food at 126 cmb, with kbd and giant mole realisation jagex added possible to sell p2p items, so drops are basically same like on p2p worlds without few items.
  2. It's quote from runescape behind the scenes, febuary 2016. So.. will be possible to sell p2p items on f2p :) it means drops from that bosses will not change probably. Good update to get rid of p2p items from dailys or th too :P
  3. Cooking lobsters with urns is very good now cuz of prices and xp probably better than swordfish. But the best way for xp is cooking on wines however cost a lot of moneyz :P
  4. ^ ye F2p united fc also l0lf2p fc (l0lf2p is f2p friends chat to dg but u can talk with nice ppl that too). Clans: TFS, Free Players, L0lf2p.
  5. Gratz on being so patient Suomi lol :D and huge gratz to Almostlost on 200m all! :)
  6. I don't want level 3's to get Dungeoneering XP when I do all the work, it just seems very unfair. :( I didn't know James Was007 was your account btw, saw you in W29 like half an hour ago :P No no, level 3's can help much too. When u dging with sks all mosters got 2 lvl what helping you to clean gd room/kill boss faster, also they can help you with pathing, cleaning keys etc. Dging 2cb3sk is very fun and I can show you it :D I got pm on on James so just call when u got time to dg and I promise that you will feel love in dg haha :D And ye I've seen you too in G.E :)
  7. You don't need multilog to dg guys. Try l0lf2p fc to find sks. I know it's not like 3 years ago when finding party was taking 5 mins but it's still not that bad. I dged a bit today and max I waited like 25 mins to get all sks. If you are in good party, u can easily get 200k dg xp/h :)
  8. Runescape news and few interesting topics for me
  9. Nice job Ruli and Wolfe! :) Good to see how well works F2P community! @Wolfe Your new URL not working for me. There is some error or something
  10. Same here Sonic :l Edit: Try log in now.
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