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  1. so many good things today. Finished 2 more quests leaving me with only 4 left (65def/60range/85combat), meaning I can just focus on slayer tomorrow. Made progress in diarys as well finishing 3 more of those. Also made a huge stack of mithril darts which I'll probably save for toxic blowpipe.
  2. 60 smithing banked now so I could technically stew to 65 for devious minds, but I'll probably get ore for 61 so I only have to get +4 boost.
  3. You've actually had great luck with boots too considering the drop rate for each of the boots is like 1/1150 if I remember correctly. You should be sitting at 2-3 boots now based on averages :P
  4. quests left: Devious Minds (65 smith, 50 rc) Dream Mentor (85 combat) Fairy Tale pt2 (49 farm, 57 herb) King's Ransom (65 def) Mourning's End part 1 & 2 (60 ranged)
  5. wasted one of the training sessions from legends on magic by accident -.-
  6. I wish there was enough quests to take you to max overall level
  7. 10 questies left Legend's Quest MEP1 MEP2 RFD Devious Minds Dream Mentor Grim Tales Great Brain Robbery Fairy Tale PT2 King's Ransom
  8. im delaying rfd until i have 50 herb so i can use the reward on it. gonna do all easy/med diaries tomorrow for xp lamps to raise that herb.
  9. cant stop me nanananana edit i realise adding a picture would be wise as well
  10. the wonders of karamja store :) I need to get some more items for sale, dont feel like hopping for 1 type item...
  11. ye get the quest kit out im banging them out asap amg tho
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