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  1. Yeah I havent really played rs, yesterday I logged in for the first time in 23 days. :/
  2. dragon plate is impossible to get on ironman :P unless you can get it from motherlode maw thingy. As for why its impossible, you can't enter blast furnace to buy the hammer required for smithing the plate.
  3. Please ignore this video. His testing methods were extremely unprofessional and his sample size is ridiculously laughable at best. Yea I'd ignore that as well. Although there's barely any difference when comparing t80 and t90 offhands. From what I've heard its like 3% dps boost at best. Sorry I don't have any data to back this up though
  4. Nah im not doing div cause of cache, idk what to do next honestly 1 more tho
  5. I know right, it was hard enough for new players. But now it will make it even more scary towards players who haven't beaten him much, and this just gives the cake to PvM'ers who can still easily do them. It should be that pre 1k kills should be how it was yesterday, and the current changes should be post 1k kills. Meanwhile, I can guarantee you that these new drop tables for aquanites and such generate close to 2m an hour for basicly no skill/effort.
  6. Yeah that about sums up the difference been feeling lazy again so afk runespan gogo
  7. how long do you guys thing until the first ironman to 200m all?
  8. That one is only possible since today right? Because you need a blood tab which is only gettable by GOP? Nah hes missing barrows set :P just talked to him last night
  9. heading out tonight so im gonna lose rank 2 (hopefully temporarily) :( this drunken lifestyle is ripping my gains o well got 84 fletch + 81 hunt atleast
  10. Morytania and Tiranwwn atleast, I think rest of them have been done 80 base
  11. new ports adventurer, double nats and first to karamja tasks done :D
  12. I've been feeling pretty lazy recently so I wanna afk something. I prob wouldnt do hunt at skillchompas anyway, don't think its worth the loss in hunt xp/hr.
  13. there we go lads, 99 crafting :) might afk to 99 rc next :D
  14. i was gonna stop at 98 and finish it off with flasks or something but im just gonna finish it right now
  15. Pretty much everything except quests lol these + obviously 2595 total
  16. thanks guys, my progress has slowed down tho due to the holidays :P
  17. not getting 99 slay today after all but will definitely get it tomorrow :) 99 defence none the less and 4th visage
  18. only missing subj gloves now :o and 99 slay tomorroooow
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