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  1. How would you know o.O But nah on serious note yeah it does :P
  2. The pipes are instanced im pretty sure about it. not 100% though...
  3. its slowly shifting towards more rs3 like way of playing though with drop tables like zulrah, wyverns etc. just afked monkfish all day today
  4. Ghost hunter gear is good enough. You should bring all 3 combat styles with you to make use of the hybrid gear and the nihil's weakness. Accuracy is very important against them. Use stat boosting potions at bank and then replace them with food (monkfish/shark). Bring a tortoise full of food as well. Use offensive and protection prayers. It shouldnt give you any trouble with your weapons really. The muspah fight is actually alot harder.
  5. dt tomorrow i think, just got 75 wc so i can get magi c logs for it
  6. This sums it up pretty well. There is a reason why there is over 5K players with 200M xp in dungeoneering. Sure the fast xp rates help boost up this number, but there's genuinely alot of players who simply just enjoy the skill. Sure it could be called a minigame but why does that matter? Actually I think making more minigame-like skills wouldn't be a bad idea. People tend to ignore minigames nowadays if they offer no xp as most of the community is very xp oriented.
  7. i play on the bot world 386 it doesnt seem to dc as often
  8. Where in Lumbrige can you actually get flaxes? We have banks for a reason. You don't have to do every step at the same place. Collect the flax in lletya for example where the flax is only couple steps away from the bank. I don't see how it's difficult to make bowstrings and put them in a bank. You can make 300 bowstrings in less than an hour. Since it takes no time at all to make them in Shilo Village. As for it not being rewarding, dude, eventually you will get the ability to make rune arrows. They might not be worth a lot at the grand exchange, but when you actually high alch them you can get a good amonut of money for them. Rune arrowheads are worth less than the high alchemy value of the finished product, and since feathers and shafts are easy to get on your own, you don't have to worry about paying too much to make them. nature rune is worth 179gp, rune arrowheads 190gp, arrow shaft 8 gp, feather 15gp. In total the materials to make 1 rune arrow are worth 392 gp rune arrow alchs for 306 gp. Everytime you alch one you lose 86 gp.
  9. If you want easy afk route to 99 wc just do ivy till 94 then crystal trees to 99. both of them should be better xp than willows
  10. Like this? :D my barrows run takes 25 mins ish haha. Just doing it for fun atm (bit pointless to do it for other reasons at my stats) Also did swan song :)
  11. 91 runecrafting has multiple benefits and you should do it asap. 90 for ports, seasingers and 91 for double nats & wicked hood upgrades. Also work on getting omnitalisman and feed it to wicked hood. You can make like 500 nats per day in few minutes after this :) 81 mining for sandstone and tears of guthix, 80 crafting for tears of guthix.
  12. 22 quests left now I think. Managed to upgrade my iban staff today for some lava dragons/barrows and other stuff as well :)
  13. So goals for now are -61 crafting (uncharged orbs), 65 magic (barrows maybe) for lunar diplomacy -77 magic for superglass make, any suggestions on how? -75 crafting with superglass make / battlestaffs cosmics ill probably buy from mage bank
  14. so i have the lava bstaff and mind shield already. guess ill get crafting level to make black vambs >.>
  15. gonna try to do roving elves next but the moss giant might be too hard without prot prayers
  16. Big mo gave me an elite clue which requires me to go to lletya. So I need to do regicide to finish this step. I just need 4 agility levels then I can boost it, but I also need 4 herb levels to make the agility pot. So I'm gonna do eadgars ruse for the herb levels and then wildy course for agi levels
  17. Big Mo gave me a hard clue which I could actually finish :o
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