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  1. Day 3 Started off the day wanting to do Fremennik Trials. Little did I know the quest needed Raw Shark. After a bit of googling I found out you can get raw sharks from Temple Trekking. So I ended up doing In Aid of the Myreque quest. The quest addict that I am, I just finished off the questline, leaving only the finale (Branches of Darkmeyer). So yay now I have a Blood Talisman! I might go back to temple trekking to get myself some herbs/essence/ores as I kinda like the minigame. Eventually I did get to do the fremmy trials and thanks to that I am now a owned of Berserker Helm, Archer Helm and Farseer Helm! (Also did get 45+ def to wear them, courtesy of Olaf's Quest(which is the worst quest in history, fell off that bridge 10 times)) Did few more subquests of RFD and now I have the addy gloves :P Also got a few "milestones" today which are the 200+ Questpoints and 1000+ Skill total. How often do you see a noob account like this with so many questpoints? :D I ventured into Daemonheim as well. Did mainly C2s while fishing/cooking/woodcutting/firemaking and I gotta say I loved how fast that exp was. Level ups: +81 Total +18 Dungeoneering +3 Constitution +4 Fishing +3 Attack +7 Cooking +4 Ranged +4 Thieving +4 Slayer +5 Fletching +4 Woodcutting +2 Herblore +1 Magic +2 Prayer +1 Smithing +1 Hunter +5 Agility +6 Construction +1 Crafting +2 Mining +2 Firemaking +2 Defence Quests Done: Animal Magnetism Big Chompy Bird Hunting Zogre Flesh Eaters Recipe For Disaster - Subquest 4 : Skrach Recipe For Disaster - Subquest 5 : Lumbridge Guide In Aid of the Myreque Darkness of Hallowvale Legacy of Seergaze The Slug Menace Kennith's Concerns Fremennik Trials Underground Pass Olaf's Quest
  2. I used cakes and normal antipoison pots for the most time in the quest. In the tunnel (you have to do it 2 times) I used two charges of my explorer ring and 3 energy pots (made 6 before quest) Now the whole quest isn't that bad, but I can see your ranged is quite low for the final battle. But that is no problem, there is a spot where you can hide outside the arena where the demon wont hit you, this is how 1 prayer pures beat the demon. They just hide and wait till the gnomes do the damage. This takes a while and you need to go fullscreen to see the demon's health. But you have to do the final blow yourself, so make sure the gnomes dont kill him completely, or he just respawns I guess. Alright thanks, ill give it a try later. Will have to make some energy pots for that dreadful tunnel though. And yeah, DIY is really refreshing. Runescape hasnt felt this fun in years.
  3. Wow nice progress man. I think im gonna tackle that Monkey Madness myself too today or tomorrow. Any tips?
  4. Day 2 Today was overall pretty nice. Got loads of stuff done. Ran out of quests at one point so I had to go skilling. Ended up getting requirements for making Bullseye Lantern (Got lazy while smithing so I just drank dwarven stout to boost to 49). Training firemaking&woodcutting is so nice now, can pretty much burn the logs losslessly while just cutting more :) Tried Troll Invasion skiller role for the first time, and oh boy I failed so bad. Trolls ended up winning only after 420/1500 kills which netted me around 4K prayer exp :( Did my first ToG weekly on this account as well which got me 5 summoning levels. I think tomorrow I will spend big amount of my time trying to do Monkey Madness. Might focus on herblore first though as prayer pots could come in handy. Level ups: a whopping +105 total Exp gained: +3 Prayer +6 Mining +3 Crafting +1 Runecrafting +19 Woodcutting +11 Fletching +27 Firemaking +2 Hunter +2 Fishing +1 Ranged +1 Attack +1 Defence +1 Strength +1 Herblore +8 Farming +3 Magic +7 Smithing +5 Summoning +1 Construction +1 Slayer and my current stats: Quests Completed: Hand in the Sand Sea Slug Lost City Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains Tears of Guthix All Fired Up Enakhra's Lament Eyes of Glouphrie Elemental Workshop IV Karamja Easy tasks done Fremennik Easy tasks done Tai Bwo Wannai cleanup 100% Fairy rings unlocked
  5. Yeah, but I hardly ever use guides for quests. Usually I just look which items are needed and finish the quest without a guide. Day 1 (of blogging!) Today was another quest filled day. The boss fights are getting slightly harder. Even managed to die against Argg in troll romance. He literally 1 Hit KO'd me due to my low constitution level. Managed to finish a couple of easy clues I got from pickpocketing H.A.M members. Oh god I despise that place now, spent over 2 hours pickpocketing them for 2 full sets of H.A.M robes.... 5 Quests remain that I have the required skills for atm (not including follow up quests) Weird bug that happened today as I used an XP lamp on crafting.. Guess it's true that my crafting skills dont really get better by rubbing lamps :thumbsup: 1 Level away from 50 crafting & making my first ruby amulet :) Should I keep using lamps on crafting after that? Prayer would be a good choice as well. Levels ups for today: +55 Total +5 Crafting +2 Strength +9 Thieving +8 Ranged +1 Prayer +6 Firemaking +1 Summoning +4 Herblore +1 Smithing +2 Mining +7 Magic +1 Woodcutting +3 Slayer +1 Constitution +1 Cooking +3 Agility Completed the quests below: The Feud Death to the Dorgeshuun Mountain Daughter The Tale of the Muspah Shades of Mort'ton The Giant Dwarf Another Slice of H.A.M Watchtower What Lies Below Troll Romance Horror from the Deep One Small Favour Fur 'n' Seek part 1 Recipe for Disaster Subquest 2 - Pirate Pete: A Fishcake Few easy clues (I didnt even know black bolts exist before this reward)
  6. I'll give a quick recap about my road so far. After finishing the new burthorpe tutorial (which sucked btw!) I realised I could make pretty easy cash by completing tasks around the world. So I started off by doing some low level quests while doing tasks as the same time. In no time I had passed 200 tasks done and money gained per task increased to 4k! I had plenty money but my combat skills still were rather low (and still are, mind you :P) so I decided to do some of the more rewarding quests like Waterfall, Fight Arena, Vampire Slayer, which quickly bumped my melee stats to high 30s. I actually used Wind Rush during the Fight Arena battles... You can imagine how long that took :D By the way, SoF spins from quests are extremely useful for a NOOB like me. I somehow managed to get 3 rune longs, rune battleaxe and rune 2h sword from them. :) At some point I decided to take a break from questing to go test out the Runespan which everyone was talking about. My runecrafting was level 13 at this point which was gained from quest rewards and using the free essences from wicked hood to make me some air runes. Well soon enough I had gotten to 57 runecrafting (this minigame is TOOOOO fast!). I decided to stop there as it was the requirement for a task I think. After that I played a game of Great Orb Project to buy some of the talismans. I decided to go back to questing, and oh boy I quested alot. I havent been counting but I could estimate I finished maybe 25 quests yesterday. SoF spins being pretty useful again as they have given me 43 prayer without me actually training combat at all. This makes my questing somewhat easier as I don't have to safespot that much. I think today is gonna be a good day to quest as well :) Alright thats enough from me, I'll update later about how my day went.
  7. Hello & welcome to my blog. This blog used to be about my unofficial ironman account, but since Jagex came out with the official mode, I switched over to playing that. The official ironman progress starts on page 47. So what are my goals on this account? I could say that I don't like setting any long term goals, but doing completionist cape requirements is always on the back of my mind. I usually try to play efficiently, which is sometimes hard on ironman due to it being bit more complex than your average account. I stream almost all of my progress @ http://twitch.tv/OddishX I'll try to update this main post more often, but it will most likely end up being outdated as time goes by. Stats as of 22nd november 2014 ~~Drops~~ Click on the drop name to see the drop picture Dragon Hatchet ~~ 2014-10-20 Dragon Pickaxe ~~ 2014-11-12 Dragon Claws ~~ 2014-11-13 Dragon Helm #1 ~~ 2014-10-23 Dragon Helm #2 ~~ 2014-10-23 Dragon shield left half ~~ 2014-11-13 Vecna Skull ~~ 2014-11-20 Ahrim's Robe Skirt ~~ 2014-11-18 Akrisae's Robe Top ~~ 2014-11-18
  8. This boss is pain in the butt... +346 Stab def and it still hits really accurately (it uses stab right?) and at the same time all I seem to be hitting are 0s using goliath gloves.
  9. Could it be part of the fight pits? I thought that could be the case but I heard from a friend who supposedly got all 5 city tracks from just doing the quest. I have them all unlocked and I only did the quest then went back to slayer.
  10. soul split also works on the boss fight, easy healing. Enraged doesnt 1 hit kill you, most of the time she hit me for about 800 when enraged.
  11. Btw the new minigame is like 80k agility xp an hour if you only do 4 batches and restart the minigame.
  12. It's less than half the exp/h of the advanced courses, AND BA horn doesn't work there. "reasonably rewarding" is an overstatement. I get about 900 points an hour by just scoring 500 points and quitting the game. Adds up to around 85k agility exp an hour.
  13. Just something I noticed. Every 5 score is worth 1 points until score of 500. After that the points you receive reduce DRASTICALLY. Just quit the game after reaching 500. 500 score = 100 points 594 score = 104 points 1044 score = 147 points
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